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JONATHAN L. HOWARD is a game designer, scriptwriter, and a veteran of the computer-games industry since the early nineties, with titles such as the Broken Sword series to his credit. He is author of the Johannes Cabal series and Carter & Lovecraft, as well as the YA novels Katya's World and Katya's War. He lives in the United Kingdom with his wife and daughter.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Horror, Fantasy
Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion (2014) (with Andy Bigwood, Roz Clarke, Cheryl Morgan, Christine Morgan, Myfanwy Rodman and Deborah Walker)
The True History of the Strange Brigade (2018) (with Guy Adams, Joseph Guthrie, Cassandra Khaw, Patrick Lofgren, Mimi Mondal, David Thomas Moore, Tauriq Moosa and Gaie Sebold)