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Kimi Cunningham Grant is the author of Fallen Mountains, Silver Like Dust, and These Silent Woods. Kimi is a two-time winner of a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Prize in Poetry and a recipient of a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship in creative nonfiction....

Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
   Silver Like Dust (2018)
   Fallen Mountains (2019)
   These Silent Woods (2021)
   The Nature of Disappearing (2024)
Kimi Cunningham Grant recommends
True North (2024)
Andrew J Graff
"I adored Andrew J. Graff's Raft of Stars, and his second novel does not disappoint. I couldn't help but root for Sam and Swami and their family, as well as everyone else in their ragtag crew of river rafters. True North rolls seamlessly from humor to despair, from beauty to destruction - but in the end is a gorgeous story of family, community, and grace. I absolutely loved it."

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