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Liv Constantine

A pseudonym used by Lynne Constantine, Valerie Constantine

Liv Constantine is the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Separated by three states, they spend hours plotting via Face Time and burning up each other's inboxes. They attribute their ability to concoct dark story lines to the hours they spent listening to tales handed down by their Greek grandmother.

Genres: Mystery

Liv Constantine recommends
The Last Time I Lied (2018)
Riley Sager
"A haunted summer camp. A lake darker than midnight. This chilling tale will keep you awake long after you’ve turned the last page."
The Winters (2018)
Lisa Gabriele
"From the brilliant first line to the shattering conclusion, The Winters will draw you in and leave you breathless. . . . A must read."
The Au Pair (2018)
Emma Rous
"Entrancing and compelling, The Au Pair seamlessly alternates between two riveting narrators. Atmospheric and reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier's work, it's a beautiful read that delivers a shocking and satisfying ending."
Freefall (2019)
Jessica Barry
"Most debut thriller writers would be happy to have one amazing story to tell. Jessica Barry's come up with two, and the way she weaves them together will have you on the edge of your seat. FREEFALL is an electric mix of action and emotional drama that never stops, never slows down."
As Directed (2019)
(Maggie O'Malley Mystery, book 3)
Kathleen Valenti
"A gripping tale of malice and deceit."
Beautiful Bad (2019)
Annie Ward
"You won't be able to tear yourself away from the page. With fascinating characters that chill and horrify, the ending will leave you staggered."
My Lovely Wife (2019)
Samantha Downing
"You'll never look at your neighbors the same. I couldn't pull myself away from this story...Make sure you clear your schedule before you pick it up. Absolutely unputdownable."
The Favorite Daughter (2019)
Kaira Rouda
"A chilling glimpse hehind the facade of the perfect family."
The Night Before (2019)
Wendy Walker
"Pulse-pounding action makes you race to the finish of this addictive thriller...Just when you think you have everything figured out, Walker pulls the rug out from under you and leaves you staggered. The writing sings, and the twists deliver."
Blood Relations (2019)
Jonathan Moore
"Classic noir reminiscent of Chandler and Hammett. Grabs you by the throat from the first page and never lets go. Taut, smart and electrifying. Get ready for a long night."
Dear Wife (2019)
Kimberly Belle
"An enthralling plot with compelling characters that make it impossible to pull yourself from the page. Belle has hit another one out of the park!"
Never Have I Ever (2019)
Joshilyn Jackson
"A heart-pounding tale of cat and mouse with twists you won’t see coming. Just when you think you couldn’t be more shocked, Jackson delivers a mind-blowing ending. Riveting!"
Pretty Revenge (2019)
Emily Liebert
"A riveting tale of subterfuge, betrayal, and retribution set among the glittering world of New York’s elite."
Whisper Network (2019)
Chandler Baker
"Witty and timely will make you cheer for sisterhood."
After the Flood (2019)
Kassandra Montag
"The searing, often brutal story of a mother's terrifying quest to find her missing daughter in a post-apocalyptic world. Haunting and shocking."
The Other Mrs (2019)
Mary Kubica
"Brilliant! An utterly absorbing tale of deception and subterfuge. Kubica is a master of sleight of hand. Absolutely loved it!"
Reputation (2019)
Sara Shepard
"Deliciously diabolical. Shepard spares no one in this breakneck thriller as dark secrets and shocking scandals lead to murder."
Hide Away (2020)
(Rachel Marin, book 1)
Jason Pinter
"Fasten your seat belt for a wild ride! Rachel Marin is a character you will root for, be awed by, and never want to cross. An ending as satisfying as it is unexpected."
Little Secrets (2020)
Jennifer Hillier
"You will be obsessed with this unputdownable read. Razor-sharp writing, believable characters, emotional depth--this is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Absolutely loved it!"
Someone's Listening (2020)
Seraphina Nova Glass
"Glass weaves a taut web of suspicion, murder and revenge in this chilling tale. Sinister characters and blind ends increasingly heighten the tension until the harrowing final climax. Add SOMEONE’S LISTENING to your must read list!"
Mother Loves Me (2020)
Abby Davies
"A shattering and original psychological thriller that will leave you breathless. Raw and visceral, Mother Loves Me, is a relentlessly compelling story of madness and survival. A stunning debut by Abby Davies."
White Out (2020)
(Badlands, book 1)
Danielle Girard
"With breakneck pacing, compelling characters, and serpentine twists you’ll never see coming, White Out is a must-read thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fantastic!"
The Wicked Sister (2020)
Karen Dionne
"A chilling portrait of a psychopath that will shock and fascinate you. Dionne is a master storyteller who has crafted a terrifying thriller that will haunt you long after the last page is read."
Don't Ever Forget (2020)
(Adler and Dwyer, book 1)
Matthew Farrell
"Farrell has done it again! A crime thriller that grabs you from page one. Engrossing, haunting, and compelling, Don’t Ever Forget is his best yet."
The Girl in the Mirror (2020)
Rose Carlyle
"Riveting from the first page to the last with a final mind-blowing twist that you’ll never see coming!"
Goodnight, Beautiful (2020)
Aimee Molloy
"A remarkable and groundbreaking thriller. Malloy grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the final mind-bending, utterly astounding twist."
Good Neighbours (2021)
Sarah Langan
"A modern-day Crucible, Good Neighbors brilliantly explores the ease with which a careless word can wreak havoc and the terrifying power of mob mentality. Beneath the surface of a suburban utopia, madness lurks. The veneer of civility among close neighbors disguises hypocrisy, envy, and hatred. Langan deftly unveils the psychology behind her character’s actions with blistering prose and spot-on depictions. She is a writer to watch!"
Every Last Fear (2021)
Alex Finlay
"Brilliant. Finlay weaves a story as mesmerizing as it is heartbreaking. Hooks you from the very first page and keeps you guessing until the final explosive twist. Taut, smart, and compelling. A do not miss!"
Too Good to Be True (2021)
Carola Lovering
"A cat and mouse thriller with masterful twists. Will leave you guessing until the last page."
Her Three Lives (2021)
Cate Holahan
"Starts with a bang and never lets up. Holahan expertly draws you in with layered characters and tense action. If you think you've got this one figured out - think again. An ending that will leave your jaw on the floor. Exceptional!"
Just One Look (2021)
Lindsay Cameron
"You will be obsessed after the first paragraph. Lindsay Cameron has created an unforgettable character who beckons from the pages until you've devoured her every last word. Just One Look is a delicious and irresistible read!"
The Dead Husband (2021)
Carter Wilson
"A lightning-paced thriller reminiscent of Dean Koontz."
The Hunting Wives (2021)
May Cobb
"Irresistibly lured into a world of entitled wealth and dark secrets, Sophie O'Neil's life comes crashing down around her. A sizzling and racy psychological thriller."
You Will Remember Me (2021)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"A breathless roller coaster ride of lies and deceit, You Will Remember Me keeps you hooked until the shocking, shattering end. McKinnon is at the top of her game!"
I Don't Forgive You (2021)
Aggie Blum Thompson
"Masterfully written and utterly gripping, Thompson hooks you from the very first page. With edge of the seat plotting, this complex and thoroughly chilling guessing game races to a staggering conclusion. This one definitely needs to be on your TBR list."
Kill All Your Darlings (2021)
David Bell
"Grabs you by the throat and never lets go. Kill All Your Darlings will keep you reading late into the night with a twist you’ll never see coming."
In My Dreams I Hold a Knife (2021)
Ashley Winstead
"Deeply drawn characters and masterful storytelling come together to create an addictive and riveting psychological thriller. Put this one at the very top of your 2021 reading list."
The Overnight Guest (2022)
Heather Gudenkauf
"Heather Gudenkauf is a master of suspense. Weaving together three narratives in an explosive and shocking denouement, The Overnight Guest will have you glued to the page and leave you wanting more."
Catch Her When She Falls (2022)
Allison Buccola
"Buccola's deeply developed characters and simmering suspense propel this story of one woman's quest to discover the truth about the mysterious death of her best friend."
Like a Sister (2022)
Kellye Garrett
"Set in New York's seductively glamorous world of hip hop billionaires and dazzling reality stars, Like a Sister is a riveting, read-through-the-night thriller by a masterful storyteller. From the very first page to the jaw dropping finish, this is one you need to put at the top of your reading list."
One of us is Dead (2022)
Jeneva Rose
"One of Us Is Dead is a binge-worthy escape into the privileged and pampered elite of Buckhead. Secrets, betrayals, and scandal rock a small community and you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough to reach the explosive conclusion."
Complicit (2022)
Winnie M Li
"In this page turning story of one woman's struggle, Li thrusts the reader into the film industry's dark and deep-seated culture of rampant sexism and unbridled male ego - and the terrible cost of staying silent. An utterly compelling read."
Good Husbands (2022)
Cate Ray
"In an emotional and powerfully evocative story, three women grapple with a discovery that could shatter their lives."
The Lies I Tell (2022)
Julie Clark
"Clark knocks it out of the park with The Lies I Tell. A modern-day Robin Hood with a feminist twist. This is one of the best books you'll read this year. Unputdownable!"
Please Join Us (2022)
Catherine McKenzie
"I devoured this book in one sitting! The First Wives Club meets The Firm in a chilling, serpentine ride that will leave you breathless. Please Join Us belongs at the very top of your TBR stack."
The Other Side of Night (2022)
Adam Hamdy
"Mind-bending! This intriguing and thought-provoking thriller is a profound exploration of how far some are willing to go in the name of love. A fantastic twist you'll never see coming."

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