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S L Grey

A pseudonym used by Louis Greenberg, Sarah Lotz

S.L. Grey is a collaboration between Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg. Based in Cape Town, Sarah is a novelist and screenwriter and die-hard zombie fanatic. She writes crime novels under her own name, and as Lily Herne she and her daughter Savannah Lotz write the Deadlands series of zombie novels for young adults. Louis is a Johannesburg-based fiction writer and editor who was also a bookseller for many years. He has a Master's degree in vampire fiction and a doctorate in post-religious apocalyptic fiction. Sarah and Louis discovered a mutual interest in horror while bunking a crime seminar in a pub, rejected their initial plans for a vampire-vs-zombie faceoff, and S.L. Grey was born.

Genres: Horror
1. The Mall (2011)
2. The Ward (2012)
3. The New Girl (2013)