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Kate Hoffmann majored in music in college. Later she settled into a job teaching elementary school children about quarter notes and treble clefs.Kate began reading romance in 1979 when she picked up a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's Ashes in the Wind. She read the book from cover to cover in onevery long night and was immediately hooked on the genre. The next morning,she was standing at the door to her local Waldenbooks and when they opened,she hurried inside and asked for everything else written by Woodiwiss. Atthe same time, she found wonderful books by Rosemary Rogers, Laurie McBain,and Jennifer Blake.

Nearly 10 years later, while working as an advertising copywriter, Katedecided to try writing a romance of her own. After a history of interestingjobs in teaching, retailing, advertising, and nonprofit work, she wasdetermined to add romance author to that list. After numerous failedattempts over three years, Kate decided to forget writing historical romanceand turned to category romance. Six months later, her first story, AVagabond Heart, was finished. A year later, Harlequin bought the book afterKate won the national 1992 Harlequin Temptation contest. The book waspublished in 1993 as Indecent Exposure. Her dream of adding romance writerto her resume came true and in December of 1993 she turned off her alarmclock, shredded her pantyhose, and became a full-time writer. Since then,Kate has written numerous books for Temptation, Weddings by DeWilde,Harlequin anthologies, Love and Laughter, and Duets.

Kate lives in southeastern Wisconsin in a cozy little house in a picturesquevillage. Two cats also live with her -- Tansing, a grumpy Himalayan, andTibriz, a tortie Persian mix that she rescued from an animal shelter. Sheenjoys gardening, golf, reading, and romantic movies.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
Mighty Quinns
   1. The Conor (2001)
   2. The Dylan (2001)
   3. Brendan (2001)
   4. Reunited (2002)
   5. Liam (2003)
   6. Brian (2003)
   7. Sean (2003)
   8. The Promise (2005)
   9. Marcus (2006)
   10. Ian (2006)
   11. Declan (2006)
   12. The Legacy (2007)
   13. Brody (2009)
   14. Teague (2009)
   15. Callum (2009)
   16. Riley (2011)
   17. Danny (2011)
   18. Kellan (2011)
   19. Dermot (2012)
   20. Kieran (2012)
   21. Cameron (2012)
   22. Ronan (2013)
   23. Logan (2013)
   24. Jack (2013)
   25. Rourke (2013)
   26. Dex (2013)
   27. Malcolm (2014)
   28. Rogan (2014)
   29. Ryan (2014)
   30. Eli (2015)
   31. Devin (2015)
   32. Mac (2015)
   33. Thom (2016)
   34. Tristan (2016)
   35. Jamie (2017)
   A Mighty Quinn Seduction (2013)
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   Valentine Delights (1997) (with Meryl Sawyer and Gina Wilkins)
   Bridal Showers (1998) (with Ruth Jean Dale and Jule McBride)
   Strangers in Paradise (2000)
   Three Babies and a Bargain / Baby Bonus? (2000) (with Sandra Paul)
   Unexpected Angel / Undercover Elf (2000)
   Written in the Stars (2001) (with Judith Arnold and Gina Wilkins)
   Terms of Engagement (2002) (with Miranda Lee)
   Cinderfella / Lady of the Night (2002) (with Susan Wiggs)
   The Mother's Day Collection (2002) (with Helen Dickson and Margaret Way)
   Where the Nights Are Long (2003) (with Bobby Hutchinson)
   Paris or Bust! (2003) (with Jacqueline Diamond and Jill Shalvis)
   Five Times Trouble (2003) (with Susan Kearney)
   Legally Mine / Are You Lonesome Tonight? (2004) (with Wendy Etherington)
   Hot and Bothered / Underneath It All (2004) (with Nancy Warren)
   The Midnight Hour (2004) (with Lilian Darcy and Kate Walker)
   Warm and Willing / Little Night Magic (2005) (with Liz Jarrett)
   Never Naughty Enough / Warm and Willing (2005) (with Jill Monroe)
   Sinfully Sweet (2006) (with Jacquie D'Alessandro and Janelle Denison)
   A Fare to Remember (2006) (with Julie Elizabeth Leto and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
   One-Click Buy: October Harlequin Blaze (2007) (with Carrie Alexander, Colleen Collins, Karen Foley, Jule McBride and Debbi Rawlins)
   One-Click Buy: December Harlequin Blaze (2007) (with Jacquie D'Alessandro, Jennifer LaBrecque, Jill Shalvis, Jamie Sobrato and Cara Summers)
   A Bundle of Valentines! (2008) (with Jacqueline Diamond, Muriel Jensen, Tara Taylor Quinn, Wendy Rosnau and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
   Haunting / Mighty Quinns Ian (2008) (with Hope Tarr)
   Snowstorm Heat Bundle (2008) (with Catherine Mann and Susan Wiggs)
   Sex as a Second Language / Mighty Quinns: Declan (2008) (with Jamie Sobrato)
   For Lust or Money / Stripped (2008) (with Julie Elizabeth Leto)
   Incognito / Flashpoint (2008) (with Jill Shalvis)
   One-Click Buy: June 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Tori Carrington, Crystal Green, Heather MacAllister, Rhonda Nelson and Cara Summers)
   One-Click Buy: August 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Lori Borrill, Tori Carrington, Kathleen O'Reilly, Joanne Rock and Jill Shalvis)
   Brody / Flashback (2009) (with Jill Shalvis)
   Her Sexy Valentine / Play with Me / Charmer (2010) (with Stephanie Bond and Leslie Kelly)
   Teague / One Good Man (2010) (with Alison Kent)
   Callum / She's Got it Bad (2010) (with Sarah Mayberry)
   It Must Have Been the Mistletoe... (2010) (with Rhonda Nelson and Tawny Weber)
   The Charmer / Her Secret Fling (2010) (with Sarah Mayberry)
   The Drifter / Take Me If You Dare (2011) (with Candace Havens)
   Into the Night / Caught Off Guard (2011) (with Kira Sinclair)
   The Right Bed? (2012) (with Wendy Etherington and Jule McBride)
   Not Just Friends / Coming Up for Air (2012) (with Karen Foley)
   The Mighty Quinns: Danny / Northern Renegade (2012) (with Jennifer LaBrecque)
   The Mighty Quinns: Jack / Royally Claimed (2013) (with Marie Donovan)
   The Mighty Quinns: Rourke / Command Performance (2013) (with Sara Jane Stone)
   Harlequin Blaze October 2013 Bundle (2013) (with Susanna Carr, Leslie Kelly and Sara Jane Stone)
   Harlequin Blaze August 2014 Bundle (2014) (with Jo Leigh, Sara Jane Stone and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
   One Sizzling Eve (2014) (with Debbi Rawlins)
   Harlequin Blaze November 2014 Box Set (2014) (with Katherine Garbera, Leslie Kelly and Tawny Weber)
   Harlequin Blaze January 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Serena Bell, Katherine Garbera and Kelli Ireland)
   Harlequin Blaze April 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Erin McCarthy, Anne Marsh and Tanya Michaels)
   Harlequin Blaze August 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Kelli Ireland, Kimberly Van Meter and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
   Harlequin Blaze November 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Stefanie London and Kira Sinclair)
   His Forbidden Conquest (2015) (with Aimee Carson and Kate Hardy)
   Compromising Positions / Her Sexy Marine Valentine (2016) (with Candace Havens)
   Harlequin Blaze March 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Candace Havens, Kelli Ireland and Daire St. Denis)
   Harlequin Blaze July 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Sara Arden, Candace Havens and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
   Harlequin Blaze February 2017 Box Set (2017) (with J Margot Critch, Stefanie London and Ali Olson)
   The Best Of Blaze (2017) (with Lisa Childs, Katherine Garbera, Jo Leigh, Anne Marsh and Tiffany Reisz)
   Harlequin Blaze June 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Beth Andrews, Kelli Ireland, Suzanne Ruby and Tawny Weber)
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