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Cara Summers

A pseudonym used by Carolyn Andrews

Cara Summers, blames her tenth grade English teacher for nudging her into the writer's life. Sister Rose Terrence insisted that she enter a short story contest sponsored by the Detroit News, and Cara won! Of course, she was thrilled with the award -- a dictionary that still sits on her desk -- but at that time, her goal in life was to become an actress.

Eventually, she attained that goal, and it was only after her three sons were born that she turned her full attention to writing again. Cara believes that her background in theater has influenced her writing, allowing her to create new characters and bring them to life for the reader.

Genres: Romance
   Mistletoe and Mayhem / Santa's Sexy Secret (2000) (with Lori Wilde)
   The Life of Riley / Naked in New England (2001) (with Jacquie D'Alessandro)
   Stolen Kisses / Early to Bed (2004) (with Julie Kenner)
   Forbidden Fantasies (2006) (with Dawn Atkins and Jo Leigh)
   Forbidden Fantasies Bundle (2006) (with Dawn Atkins and Jo Leigh)
   Dare / Kiss and Run (2006) (with Barbara Daly)
   Favour / Good Night, Gracie (2006) (with Kristin Gabriel)
   24 Hours Bundle (2006) (with Jo Leigh and Kimberly Raye)
   Tall, Tanned & Texan / When She Was Bad ... (2006) (with Kimberly Raye)
   One-Click Buy: December Harlequin Blaze (2007) (with Jacquie D'Alessandro, Kate Hoffmann, Jennifer LaBrecque, Jill Shalvis and Jamie Sobrato)
   Snowbound (2008) (with Laura Marie Altom and Lindsay McKenna)
   Tex Appeal (2008) (with Alison Kent and Kimberly Raye)
   One-Click Buy: February Harlequin Blaze (2008) (with Tori Carrington, Alison Kent, Jill Monroe, Kimberly Raye and Isabel Sharpe)
   No Rules / The P.I. (2008) (with Shannon Hollis (Shelley Adina))
   One-Click Buy: May Harlequin Blaze (2008) (with Jo Leigh, Kathleen O'Reilly, Joanne Rock, Kelley St. John and Isabel Sharpe)
   Bad Influence / Cop (2008) (with Kristin Hardy)
   Defender/ Shock Waves (2008) (with Colleen Collins)
   One-Click Buy: June 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Tori Carrington, Crystal Green, Kate Hoffmann, Heather MacAllister and Rhonda Nelson)
   One-Click Buy: July 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Karen Anders, Samantha Hunter, Julie Kenner, Betina Krahn and Jill Monroe)
   Lie with Me / Destiny's Hand (2009) (with Lori Wilde)
   Drop Dead Gorgeous / Come Toy with Me (2009) (with Kimberly Raye)
   Snowbound Together (2009) (with Laura Marie Altom, Lindsay McKenna and Anne Stuart)
   Twin Temptation / Twin Seduction (2010)
   Intent to Seduce / Glimpse of Fire (2010) (with Debbi Rawlins)
   A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing / Tell Me Your Secrets... (2011) (with Joan Johnston)
   Take My Breath Away / Not Another Blind Date (2012) (with Janelle Denison, Leslie Kelly and Jo Leigh)
   Tall, Dark & Reckless / No Holds Barred (2012) (with Heather MacAllister)
   No Desire Denied / Driving Her Wild (2013) (with Meg Maguire)
   Wicked Christmas Nights (2013) (with Leslie Kelly and Tawny Weber)
   Harlequin Blaze November 2013 Bundle (2013) (with Candace Havens, Meg Maguire and Isabel Sharpe)
   Hot Summer Nights! (2014) (with Kelly Hunter and Emily McKay)
   Risking It All (2014)
   A Wicked Persuasion (2016) (with Karen Foley and Debbi Rawlins)
   By Request Collection April-June 2016 (2016) (with Amy Andrews, Helen Brooks, Anna Cleary, Karen Foley, Fiona McArthur, Carol Marinelli, Susan Meier, Trish Morey and Debbi Rawlins)
   Bound By Passion (2017) (with Kate Carlisle and Katherine Garbera)
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