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UK flag (1900 - 1981)

Val Henry Gielgud was an English actor, writer, director and broadcaster. He was a pioneer of radio drama for the BBC, and also directed the first ever drama to be produced in the newer medium of television.

Genres: Mystery
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Anthony Havilland
   Gravelhanger (1934)
     aka Ruse of the Vanished Women
   Outrage in Manchukuo (1937)
   Fall of a Sparrow (1949)
     aka Stalking Horse
   Special Delivery (1950)
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Inspector Gregory Pellew
   Gallows' Foot (1958)
   To Bed At Noon (1959)
   And Died So? (1961)
   Through a Glass Darkly (1963)
     aka The Goggle-box Affair
   Prinvest-london (1965)
   Conduct of a Member (1967)
   A Neccessary End (1969)
   Candle-holders (1970)
   The Black Sambo Affair (1972)
   In Such a Night (1974)
   A Fearful Thing (1975)
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   Imperial Treasure (1931)
   The Broken Men (1932)
   Under London (1933)
   The Red Account (1938)
   Beyond Dover (1940)
   Confident Morning (1943)
   The High Jump (1953)
     aka Ride for a Fall
   Cat (1956)
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