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Andrew Hunt

Andrew is also the author and coauthor of several nonfiction history books. He has also written a novella, Dahlia Boyz, about two cousins who journey to Los Angeles to try to persuade their uncle, a man obsessed with the legendary 1947 Black Dahlia murder, to return to his hometown to visit his brother, who has Alzheimers Disease.

Andrew has also completed his second novel, about author Ernest Hemingway, which is now with his literary agent. He plans to turn the main character in City of Saints, Art Oveson, into the star of a series of mysteries set in Utah. Using his skills as a professional historian and writer, Andrew will continue to write novels that combine history and mystery.

Andrew grew up in California and Utah. He is a single parent of two children. His hobbies include reading mysteries, video gaming, researching U.S. History and Utah History, exploring nature, bird watching, watching movies and discovering the past through museums and historical sites.
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