Denis Hughes

(Dennis Talbot Hughes)
UK flag (1917 - 2008)

aka Marvin Ashton, Ray Barry, George Sheldon Brown, Berl Cameron, Dee Carter, Neil Charles, Lee Elliot, Marco Garon, Gill Hunt, Von Kellar, Brad Kent, Ken Kester, John Lane, Rand le Page, Grant Malcom, Van Reed, Russell Rey, William Rogersohn, Arn Romulus

Denis Hughes  was a prolific writer who wrote a large number of science fiction and western novels. He wrote under a number of pseudonyms, including Ken Kester.
The Aeroplane Mystery (1948)
The Hidden Gang (1948)
Beautiful Schemer (1949)
The Case of the River Smugglers (1949)
The Circus Mystery (1949)
The Earth Invasion Battalion (1950)
Formula 695 (1950)
The Green Mandarin Mystery (1950) (as by Grant Malcom)
Istanbul Elopement (1950)
Murder by Telecopter (1950)
War Lords of Space (1950)
Destination Mars (1951) (as by George Sheldon Brown)
Moon War (1951)
The Planetiod Peril (1951) (as by George Sheldon Brown)
Bio-Muton (1952) (as by Lee Elliot)
Biology 'A' (1952) (as by Brad Kent)
Blue Cordon (1952) (as by Dee Carter)
Blue Peril (1952) (as by Ray Barry)
Catalyst (1952) (as by Brad Kent)
Chloroplasm (1952) (as by Dee Carter)
Death Dimension (1952) (as by Ray Barry)
The Fatal Law (1952) (as by Brad Kent)
Gamma Product (1952) (as by Ray Barry)
House of Many Changes (1952) (as by Van Reed)
Humanoid Puppets (1952) (as by Ray Barry)
Maid of Thuro (1952) (as by John Lane)
Ominous Folly (1952) (as by Ray Barry)
Out of the Silent Places (1952) (as by Brad Kent)
The Queen People (1952) (as by Russell Rey)
Twenty-four Hours (1952) (as by Neil Charles)
Beyond Zoaster (1953) (as by Neil Charles)
Brain Palaeo (1953) (as by Arn Romulus)
Dwellers in Space (1953) (as by Van Reed)
Guilty Colts (1953) (as by Ken Kester)
Ionic Barrier (1953) (as by Von Kellar)
The Land of Esa (1953) (as by Neil Charles)
Mammalia (1953) (as by John Lane)
People of Asa (1953) (as by Marvin Ashton)
Pre-Gargantua (1953) (as by Neil Charles)
Purple Islands (1953) (as by Dee Carter)
Research Opta (1953) (as by Neil Charles)
Shame Us, Hombre (1953) (as by Ken Kester)
Valley of Terror (1953) (as by Russell Rey)
World of Gol (1953) (as by Neil Charles)
Amiro (1954) (as by William Rogersohn)
North Dimension (1954) (as by William Rogersohn)
Organic Destiny (1954) (as by Arn Romulus)
The Yellow Planet (1954) (as by George Sheldon Brown)
Gun-Hung Gallant (1956) (as by Ken Kester)
Persecution Trail (1956) (as by Ken Kester)
Justice Riders (1957) (as by Ken Kester)
Outlaws of Shy Valley (1958) (as by Ken Kester)
The Crooked Desert (1959) (as by Ken Kester)
Murder Foretold (2018)