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E C Tubb's picture

E C Tubb

(Edwin Charles Tubb)
UK (1919 - 2010)

aka Charles Grey, Volsted Gridban, Gill Hunt, Gregory Kern, King Lang, Mike Lantry, Brian Shaw, Roy Sheldon, Eric Storm, Edward Thomson

Edwin Charles Tubb was a British writer of science fiction, fantasy and western novels. The author of over 140 novels and 230 short stories and novellas, Tubb is best known for The Dumarest Saga (US collective title: Dumarest of Terra) an epic science-fiction saga set in the far future. He has used 58 pen names over five decades.

Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction, Western

Gladiators (as by Edward Thomson)
Atilus the Slave (1975)
Atilus the Gladiator (1975)
Gladiator (1978)
Astro Race (1951) (as by King Lang)
Gyrator Control (1951) (as by King Lang)
Projectile War (1951) (as by King Lang)
Rocket Invasion (1951) (as by King Lang)
Saturn Patrol (1951) (as by King Lang)
Task Flight (1951) (as by King Lang)
Alien Universe (1952)
Atom War on Mars (1952)
Moment Out of Time (1952) (as by Roy Sheldon)
Reverse Universe (1952)
Space Line (1952) (as by King Lang)
Terra! (1952) (as by King Lang)
Atoms in Action (1953) (as by Roy Sheldon)
De Bracy's Drug (1953)
Dynasty of Doom (1953) (as by Charles Grey)
Fugitive of Time (1953)
House of Entropy (1953) (as by Roy Sheldon)
I Fight for Mars (1953) (as by Charles Grey)
The Mutants Rebel (1953)
Planetoid Disposals, Ltd. (1953)
Space Hunger (1953) (as by Charles Grey)
     aka Earth Set Free
The Tormented City (1953) (as by Charles Grey)
Venusian Adventure (1953)
The Wall (1953) (as by Charles Grey)
Alien Life (1954)
City of No Return (1954)
Enterprise 2115 (1954) (as by Charles Grey)
     aka The Mechanical Monarch
The Extra Man (1954) (as by Charles Grey)
     aka Fifty Days to Doom
The Hand of Havoc (1954) (as by Charles Grey)
Hell Planet (1954)
Journey to Mars (1954)
The Metal Eater (1954) (as by Roy Sheldon)
Pandora's Box (1954)
The Resurrected Man (1954)
The Stellar Legion (1954)
Temple of Death (1954)
World at Bay (1954)
Alien Dust (1955)
Assignment New York (1955) (as by Mike Lantry)
The Space-Born (1956)
Death Wears a White Face (1957)
     aka Dead Weight
Moon Base (1964)
The Life Buyer (1965)
Death Is a Dream (1967)
C.O.D. Mars (1968)
Cath (1968)
Escape into Space (1969)
S.T.A.R. Flight (1969)
Century of the Manikin (1972)
The Primitive (1977)
The Stellar Assignment (1979)
The Pawn of Ophalos (1980)
The Luck Machine (1980)
Pawn of the Omphalos (1980)
Stardeath (1983)
Death God's Doom (1999)
The Sleeping City (1999)
The First Shot (2000)
The Gold Seekers (2000)
Sands of Destiny (2009)
The Captive (2010)
Starslave (2010)
Footsteps of Angels (2011)
To Dream Again (2011)


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Anthologies containing stories by E C Tubb

Short stories
Dear Ghost
Into Thy Hands
Kalgan the Golden [short story]
Requiem for a Harvey
Tea Party
There's Only One Winner
Wanton Jade
Little Girl Lost (1955)
The Bells of Acheron (1957)
Fresh Guy (1958)
Iron Head (1960)
The Seekers (1965)
Lucifer! (1969)
Accolade (1973) (as by Charles Grey)
Evane (1973)
Made to Be Broken (1973)
Mistaken Identity (1973)
Face to Infinity (1976)
Random Sample (1976)
Read Me This Riddle (1977)

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