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Linda Holmes is a pop culture correspondent for National Public Radio and the host of the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour, which has held sold-out live shows in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, and elsewhere. She appears regularly on NPR’s radio shows, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition. Before NPR, she wrote for New York magazine online and for TV Guide, as well as for the influential website Television Without Pity. In her free time, she watches far too many romantic comedies, bakes bread, watches her nephews get taller, and recently knitted her first hat.

Genres: General Fiction

Linda Holmes recommends
The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano (2021)
Donna Freitas
"A structurally ambitious, deeply thoughtful and even-handed consideration of many of the most complex decisions women make about their families and futures—not to mention a generally wise meditation on the control we all do and don't have over our fates."
God Spare the Girls (2021)
Kelsey McKinney
"A deeply felt book about love — love for family and community, for people who sustain you and people who disappoint you. And love for God, too, which Kelsey McKinney writes about with humane and incisive frankness."
The Unsinkable Greta James (2022)
Jennifer E Smith
"These characters are drawn with a generosity that allows them to be wrong but also right, loving but also prone to missteps, and ultimately deserving of a resolution that's full of hope. And while The Unsinkable Greta James is not your typical adventure on the high seas, it's a cruise-ship story with a vibrant sense of its unusual setting."
Nora Goes Off Script (2022)
Annabel Monaghan
"Funny and good-hearted - a romance for romantics, a blending of the real and the deliciously unreal."

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