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Annabel Monaghan is the author of A Girl Named Digit and Double Digit (January 2014), and is co-author of Click! The Girls Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making it Happen. She grew up in Los Angeles, pondering traffic and what motivates people to put bumper stickers on their cars. She has since become an avid bumper sticker collector, and, like Digit, displays them only inside her house.

She writes a bi-weekly column for The Rye Record and is a regular contributor to The Week. Annabel has a degree in English from Duke University, an MBA from The University of Pennsylvania and a brief history as an investment banker. She lives in Rye, New York with her husband and three sons.

Genres: Romance
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Annabel Monaghan recommends
Mika in Real Life (2022)
Emiko Jean
"Mika's story is a beautiful exploration of the bond between mother and child... As Mika rescues herself from a downward spiral of heartbreak and loss, she weaves for us a primer on healing our broken relationships. A must read for anyone who's ever had a mother or been one."
The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique (2022)
Samantha Vérant
"Visit Bistro Exotique for an absolutely delicious love story. Verant sprinkles the exact right amount of humor, heart and spice on every page, and you won't want to put it down."
Snap Out of It (2023)
Maddie Dawson
"Snap Out of It is a laugh-out-loud delight from start to finish with characters that are drawn with a unique wisdom and insight into human nature. My heart is full, and I am still smiling. I absolutely loved this book."
The Sweet Spot (2023)
Amy Poeppel
"If Leo Tolstoy and David Sedaris ever had a chance to get together to write a novel, they might have come up with THE SWEET SPOT. It is at once intricate and laugh-out-loud funny, with characters who are drawn with such attention to detail that they feel like old friends. Filled with hope and redemption, I think it's safe to say that THE SWEET SPOT is a masterpiece."
The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything (2023)
Kara Gnodde
"Kara Gnodde's debut novel is an exquisite piece of writing that is as intricate and beautiful as mathematics itself. Do not miss this one."
The Only Game in Town (2023)
Lacie Waldon
"Scenic, quirky, and laugh out loud funny, The Only Game in Town is a winner. I was cheering for the whole town until the pitch perfect end. I loved it!"
Only Love Can Hurt Like This (2023)
Paige Toon
"This book is a delicious, slow burn love story that hit me in parts of my heart I didn't even know I had. Full of original and complex characters, it left me with the wonderful feeling that love this real can make anything possible."
The Collected Regrets of Clover (2023)
Mikki Brammer
"Clover's story is a heartfelt and delightful deep dive into death. You will turn the last page with a fresh zest for life and absolutely no regrets."
Meet Me at the Lake (2023)
Carley Fortune
"Carley Fortune is the master of the love story, tapping into our most primal needs--to be valued and seen for who we really are. Meet Me At The Lake is story telling perfection."
On Fire Island (2023)
Jane L Rosen
"With her trademark humor and eloquence, Jane L Rosen transports us to a summer paradise where an unforgettable cast of multi-generational characters sustain each other through every kind of love and loss. On Fire Island is fun and fast paced, but it's also a beautifully rendered meditation on human connection. Don't miss this one; it's perfect."
Summer Reading (2023)
Jenn McKinlay
"A whisk-you-away romcom ... It's the perfect summer vacation."

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