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Lisa Harding is a writer, actress, playwright. She received an MPhil in creative writing from Trinity College Dublin in 2014. Her short stories have been published in the Dublin Review, the Bath Short Story Anthology, HeadStuff, and Winter Papers. Her first novel, Harvesting, won the 2018 Kate O'Brien Award and was shortlisted for an Irish Book Award and the Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year Award. She lives in Dublin.

Genres: General Fiction
Lisa Harding recommends
Here is the Beehive (2020)
Sarah Crossan
"A searing portrait of addictive love and grief and the devastation human beings can wreak on each other ... It is an addictive read, painful, unsettling, full of uncomfortable truths, yet the work itself resounds with its own unique bleak beauty."
We Are Not in The World (2021)
Conor O'Callaghan
"Elusive, unsettling, beautiful, haunting. This is a complex, devastating study of human relations; a portrait of intense love and damage in equal measure."
The Second Woman (2021)
Louise Mey
"An astonishingly immersive and chilling account of how abusive relationships form, and then escalate. Beautifully wrought, this is an important, psychologically astute novel which is deeply disturbing and profoundly real. It has the power of a psychic haunting, lingering long in the mind after you finish reading it."
How to Gut a Fish (2022)
Sheila Armstrong
"This exquisitely wrought collection made me feel as if I were inhabiting another realm: sensuous, tactile, beautiful and disturbing. Sheila Armstrong's hypnotic prose has a haunting, lingering, dreamlike effect."
Woman, Eating (2022)
Claire Kohda
"Unsettling, sensual, subversive, Woman, Eating turns the vampire trope on its head with its startlingly original female protagonist, caught between two worlds. It is a profound meditation on alienation and appetite, and what it means to be a young woman who experiences life at an acute level of intensity and awareness. Claire Kohda's prose is biting, yet lush and gorgeous. I was uncomfortably smitten."

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