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C S Harris

A pseudonym used by Candice Proctor

C.S. Harris graduated with a degree in Classics before earning a Ph.D. in European history. A scholar of the French Revolution and 19th-century Europe, she has lived in Europe and various far-flung parts of the old British Empire.

She now lives in New Orleans with her husband, a retired Army Intelligence Officer, and two daughters.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical
New and upcoming books
Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery
   1. What Angels Fear (2005)
   2. When Gods Die (2006)
   3. Why Mermaids Sing (2007)
   4. Where Serpents Sleep (2008)
   5. What Remains of Heaven (2009)
   6. Where Shadows Dance (2011)
   7. When Maidens Mourn (2012)
   8. What Darkness Brings (2013)
   9. Why Kings Confess (2014)
   10. Who Buries the Dead (2015)
   11. When Falcons Fall (2016)
   12. Where the Dead Lie (2017)
   13. Why Kill the Innocent (2018)
   14. Who Slays the Wicked (2019)
   15. Who Speaks for the Damned (2020)
   16. What the Devil Knows (2021)
   17. When Blood Lies (2022)
   18. Who Cries for the Lost (2023)
   19. What Cannot Be Said (2024)
   Good Time Coming (2016)
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C S Harris recommends
Singapore Sapphire (2019)
(Harriet Gordon Mystery, book 1)
A M Stuart
"Filled with all the hot, decadent splendor and sultry danger of Colonial-era Singapore. Rich, atmospheric, and fascinating!"
The Ripper's Shadow (2017)
(Victorian Mystery , book 1)
Laura Joh Rowland
"Laura Joh Rowland has penned an imaginative, chilling reinterpretation of Jack the Ripper’s bloody reign of terror. A dark, seductive peek into the dangerous underbelly of Victorian London."

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