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(Gregg Andrew Hurwitz)
USA flag (b.1973)

Gregg Hurwitz is the internationally bestselling author of I See You, We Know, and Or She Dies. His most recent thriller, Youre Next, was a Richard and Judy selection. A graduate of Harvard and Oxford Universities, he lives with his family in California, where he writes screenplays and comics, and produces for the blockbuster television hit V.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult Fantasy
New Books
February 2023

The Last Orphan
(Orphan X, book 8)
Orphan X
   1. Orphan X (2016)
   1.5. Buy a Bullet (2016)
   2. The Nowhere Man (2017)
   3. Hellbent (2017)
   3.5. The Intern (2018)
   4. Out of the Dark (2019)
   5. Into the Fire (2020)
   6. Prodigal Son (2021)
   7. Dark Horse (2022)
   8. The Last Orphan (2023)
   The List (2020)
   1. The Rains (2016)
   2. Last Chance (2017)
   The Tower (1999)
   Minutes to Burn (2001)
   Do No Harm (2002)
   The Crime Writer (2007)
     aka I See You
   We Know (2008)
     aka Trust No One
   Or She Dies (2009)
     aka They're Watching
   You're Next (2010)
   The Survivor (2011)
   Tell No Lies (2013)
   Don't Look Back (2014)
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Short stories
All Said and Done (2004)
The Real Thing (2005)

Gregg Hurwitz recommends
I Am Pilgrim (2013)
(Pilgrim , book 1)
Terry Hayes
"I Am Pilgrim is a twelve-course meal of a thriller.... A breathtaking accomplishment of a debut."
Before He Finds Her (2015)
Michael Kardos
"Before He Finds Her is that rare thing, a novel as human as it is suspenseful, as patient as it is thrilling, as genuine as it is surprising. With strong, compelling prose, Michael Kardos paints a tale of fear and redemption, of anguish and hopefulness, of subtle corruption and good intentions gone awry. In doing so, he maps the human heart in all its complex glory."
Dark Rooms (2015)
Lili Anolik
"Megan Abbott meets Twin Peaks."
Past Crimes (2015)
(Van Shaw Mystery, book 1)
Glen Erik Hamilton
"PAST CRIMES is a zipline ride of a thriller, plummeting through the back alleys of Seattle where murder and intrigue reign supreme and the undead past lurks around the next wrong turn. Buckle in and hang on!"
IQ (2016)
(IQ, book 1)
Joe Ide
"With its street poetics and truer-than-life characters, this beautifully spun first novel is gonna blow through the crime fiction world like a fire hose-blast of fresh air. Joe Ide has that rarest of writerly skills--a wholly unique voice, one that is at once irreverent and compelling, moving and incisive. IQ will become a reader favorite. It will get glowing reviews. It will be nominated for awards. Let me save you waiting around for the word of mouth to reach you--buy this book now."
UNSUB (2017)
(UNSUB, book 1)
Meg Gardiner
"‘Sleep Destroyer’ Meg Gardiner is up to her evil tricks again with UNSUB, a bracingly fresh serial-killer novel that hums like the third rail. It has all her trademarks—a complex, compelling heroine, a jet-fueled story, and elegant, crisp prose. I blasted through it in a single sitting last night and remain conscious today only due to espresso and the half-life buzz of reading adrenaline. An entrancing and stunning thriller!"
The Blinds (2017)
Adam Sternbergh
"Adam Sternbergh tops my list of drop-everything-and-read novelists. With hints of Charles Willeford and Philip K. Dick, and rendered with achingly beautiful prose, The Blinds plucks the strings of Sternbergh’s favored themes-identity, loss, meta-reality-creating a symphony of noirish grit and improbable grace."
Crossing the Lines (2017)
Sulari Gentill
"A delightful, cerebral novel featuring a crime writer who grows dangerously enamored with her main character. As the interplay between creator and created reaches Russian-nesting-doll complexity, it forces us to question the nature of fiction itself."
The Darkness (2018)
(Hulda, book 1)
Ragnar Jónasson
"The Darkness is a bullet train of a novel, at once blazingly contemporary and Agatha-Christie old-fashioned. With prose as pure and crisp as Reykjavik snowcrust, Ragnar Jónasson navigates the treacherous narrative with a veteran’s hand. I reached the end with adrenalized anticipation, the final twist hitting me in the face. I dare you not to be shocked."
The Break Line (2018)
(Max McLean, book 1)
James Brabazon
"Beautifully written and extensively researched, The Break Line is a riveting page-turner, a gruesome delight, and a study of what lies in the shadowed corners of the human heart."
Saint of Wolves and Butchers (2018)
Alex Grecian
"With Alex Grecian, you're in the hands of a professional. Deft prose, a steady drip of suspense, a blood-soaked secret from another time: The Saint of Wolves and Butchers has what you want in a Grecian thriller. My prescription? Purchase and consume immediately."
Fury From the Tomb (2018)
(Institute for Singular Antiquities, book 1)
SA Sidor
"Dark, harrowing, and unpredictable as a run of dangerous river. Sidor plunges you into chilling waters on page one and barely lets you up for air."
Hangman (2018)
(Timothy Blake, book 1)
Jack Heath
"Jack Heath’s Hangman is a perverse, twisted take on a crime novel—and I loved every page of it. What a rarity to find a thriller as dark as a Palahniuk and as compulsively readable as a Patterson. Two well-chewed thumbs up for Hangman."
Kill For Me (2018)
(Victor, book 8)
Tom Wood
"Reading Tom Wood is a blast-terrifically fun and explosively propulsive."
Last Looks (2018)
(Charlie Waldo, book 1)
Howard Michael Gould
"Last Looks is more than just a fun ride—it’s a new spin on a Hollywood P.I. mystery. With a blend of humor and suspense that calls to mind Harlan Coben and Robert Crais, Howard Michael Gould brings to life the quirky Charlie Waldo, a former cop confined to 100 worldly possessions and the claustrophobia of his own guilt over a former case gone bad. His journey back to the world is a ride well worth taking."
Long Road to Mercy (2018)
(Atlee Pine, book 1)
David Baldacci
"If you're wondering why David Baldacci is considered the best, look no further than Long Road to Mercy. In FBI Agent Atlee Pine, he has envisioned a new kind of heroine, forged in the fire of trauma and driven by a rare kind of strength. It should come as no shock that a thriller writer for the ages has created a character for the ages!"
Another Kingdom (2019)
(Another Kingdom, book 1)
Andrew Klavan
"This is a journey you won't want to miss."
City of Windows (2019)
(Dr. Lucas Page, book 1)
Robert Pobi
"CITY OF WINDOWS is that rarest of gems - a page-turner painted with soaring prose that makes you want to read every sentence twice. In Dr Lucas Page, Robert Pobi has created a unique and modern protagonist...He'll be back and so will I."
When You See Me (2020)
(Detective D.D. Warren, book 11)
Lisa Gardner
"When You See Me is another rocket-fuel-propelled thriller from Lisa Gardner. This culmination of her great talents sees the return of her finest characters (including my favorite, Flora Dane), who collide with an intrigue that starts out chillingly intimate and explodes into a sky-high denouement that will leave you breathless."
Sleeping Bear (2021)
Connor Sullivan
"SLEEPING BEAR is the best kind of thriller, an ice-water hit to the veins. With enviable talent, Connor Sullivan introduces himself to the book-loving public, earning a spot on the shelf among Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and Jack Carr. Don't miss this stunning debut."
Cold Justice (2021)
(Mallory , book 1)
Ant Middleton
"Cold Justice is filled with thrilling details and insights that can come only from boots-in-the-mud experience. This muscular action novel, with the mysterious Mallory leading the charge, hurtles the reader toward Hell Hour, where everything is at stake. A white-knuckler."
The Gatekeeper (2022)
(Dez Limerick, book 1)
James Byrne
"What a welcome blast of freshness James Byrne's The Gatekeeper is to the world of thrillers! Great plot, great pacing, and a voice that jumps off the page. Most essentially, it's charming as hell, which makes for a delightful read. Let's hope we're lucky enough to get plenty more of 'Dez' Limerick's unique brand of gritty troubleshooting."
The Rescue (2023)
T Jefferson Parker
"T. Jefferson Parker is a marvel. I've been reading him with delight and admiration for years. The Rescue again shows that he hits the high water mark for crime fiction every time out. Graceful prose, nuanced characters, an emotional thread woven through each scene tying it to a propulsive plot. Whether he's writing about cartels or PD, street dogs or reluctant heroines, he gets to the authentic and the compelling."

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