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Antonia Hodgson was born in Derby and studied English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds. She moved to London in 1994 where she began a career in publishing.

Her first completed novel was a gothic mystery with multiple narrators, some of them vampires. It took her five years to complete. When she started, no one was writing about vampires. By the time she’d finished, everyone was heartily sick of vampires. But that’s fine, she learned a lot and no you can’t read it.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Antonia Hodgson recommends
A House of Ghosts (2018)
W C Ryan
"An atmospheric, hugely entertaining mystery that offers all the pleasures of a classic ghost story - with an appealing dash of romance. William Ryan is a wonderful storyteller and A House of Ghostswill keep you up reading (and shivering) deep into the night."

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