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Lars Kepler

(Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril)

Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril, both established writers with several published books, teamed up professionally for the first time to write The Hypnotist. The pseudonym Lars Kepler allowed them to separate their earlier, independent work, from this new common authorship, and they even submitted the manuscript anonymously. Five days later, publisher Albert Bonniers knew they had a nail-biting best seller in the vein of Stieg Larsson's novels.

Still, the Ahndorils did not want to reveal their true identity. With successful separate careers, and a well-functioning life together with their three children, they felt no need to come clean. As expected, the media launched a huge investigation, and it wasnt long before one of Sweden's largest tabloids paid a visit to their summer home, urging them to confess that they had written one of the most widely read European books of 2010.

Genres: Mystery
Detective Inspector Joona Linna
   1. The Hypnotist (2009)
   2. The Nightmare (2012)
   3. The Fire Witness (2013)
   4. The Sandman (2014)
   5. Stalker (2016)
   6. Hunter (2018)

     aka The Rabbit Hunter

   7. Lazarus (2020)
   8. The Mirror Man (2022)
   9. The Spider (2023)
Lars Kepler recommends
Victim 2117 (2020)
(Department Q, book 8)
Jussi Adler-Olsen
"Jussi Adler-Olsen, with his unrestrained humor and warm heart, is a kind of Danish mentor to us . . . Victim 2117 grows into a hard-hitting fist that lands heavily and relentlessly in the midst of our time."
Unrest (2018)
(Axel Steen, book 1)
Jesper Stein
"Jesper writes about a Copenhagen that's both full of change yet always the same. It's harsh, dark, yet with a warm, beating heart at its core."
The Hanging (2013)
(Konrad Simonsen, book 1)
Lotte and Soren Hammer
"The best Danish crime fiction in years."

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