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Peter Handke

Austria (b.1942)

Born on December 6th 1942 in Griffen/Kärnten (Austria). He grew up in East Berlin and Griffen. First literary activity for the dormitoy publication "Fackel" at the catholic boy school in Tanzenberg. Studies in Graz.

During that time he joined a writers group "Forum Stadtpark" and published in the magazine "Manuskripte". Quit his studies after publication of hisfirst novel in 1965, working as a freelance novelist ever since. In 1966 controversial breakoff from "Gruppe 47" in Princeton. In 1969 founding member of the "Verlag der Autoren".

1973-77 member of the "Grazer Autorenversammlung". Has been living in Graz, Düsseldorf and Berlin, later in Paris, Kronberg im Taunus, in the USA, and starting in 1979 in Salzburg. Currently lives in Chaville/France.

Genres: Literary Fiction