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Sigrid Nunez is the daughter of a Chinese-Panamanian father and a German mother. She was born and raised in New York City. She received her BA from Barnard College and her MFA from Columbia University. She has taught at Amherst College, Smith College, Columbia University and the New School, and has been a visiting writer at Baruch College, Washington University, and the University of California, Irvine. She has also been on the faculty of the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, and of several other writers' conferences across the United States. She lives in New York City.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Non fiction
Sigrid Nunez recommends
The Grammarians (2019)
Cathleen Schine
"The mother of the beguilingly unusual twins whose lives unfold in this sublime comic novel could not adore them more than I do. A singular delight for anyone who has ever marveled at the quirks and beauties and frustrations of English grammar, and a fascinating portrait of the passions and dramas of fierce familial love."
Divide Me by Zero (2019)
Lara Vapnyar
"Superb and poignant, Lara Vapnyar writes about love and others difficulties with passion, wit, and probing intelligence."
Must I Go (2020)
Yiyun Li
"Any new book by Yiyun Li is cause for celebration, but now more than ever do we need the clarity and humaneness of her vision. Must I Go takes us into her familiar and powerful emotional territory, brilliantly exploring how what we love, what we lose, and what we mourn make, unmake, and remake us into the human beings that we are."
A Girl's Story (2020)
Annie Ernaux
"Another deeply felt, fearlessly honest exploration of female desire, shame, and intellectual passion from the incomparable Annie Ernaux."
The Weekend (2020)
Charlotte Wood
"I plan to read this insightful, poignant and fiercely honest novel about female friendship and female ageing a second time, then seek out every other book its marvellous author has written."
22 Minutes of Unconditional Love (2020)
Daphne Merkin
"Daphne Merkin meets the formidable challenge of describing female lust and romantic obsession with all the desired daring, candor, and skill. The result is a bracingly honest, keenly insightful, utterly compelling book."
I Hold a Wolf by the Ears (2020)
Laura van den Berg
"As enchanting as fairy tales, as mysterious as dreams, these exquisitely composed fictions are as urgent and original as any being written today."
How Beautiful We Were (2020)
Imbolo Mbue
"How Beautiful We Were goes to the heart of one of the most urgent matters of the day. The highly suspenseful story of an African village’s struggle for survival and justice in the face of ruthless American corporate greed is written with remarkable acuity and compassion. Mbue has given us a book with the richness and power of a great contemporary fable, and a heroine for our time."
What Happens at Night (2020)
Peter Cameron
"In his characteristically precise and lucid prose, Peter Cameron invents a virtuosic tale that is by turns terrifying, comic, and heartbreaking. We do not always know whether we are in the realm of the real or the hallucinatory in this thrillingly mysterious and gorgeously written novel. What is never in doubt is that we are in the hands of a ravishing stylist and a supremely gifted storyteller."
A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself (2021)
Peter Ho Davies
"There are some stories that require as much courage to write as they do art. Peter Ho Davies’s achingly honest, searingly comic portrait of fatherhood is just such a story. A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself enacts to profound effect the dark shames, fears, and absurdities that are an inescapable part of family life. The world needs more stories like this one, more of this kind of courage, more of this kind of love."

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