Sarah Haywood

Sarah Haywood was born in Birmingham. She studied Law at Kent University and Chester College of Law, then worked as a trainee solicitor in London. After qualification, she moved to Liverpool, working first as a solicitor, then as an advice worker with Citizens Advice. She subsequently joined the Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman, where she investigated complaints about lawyers. Sarah completed an Open University Creative Writing Course, followed by an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She lives in Liverpool with her husband and two sons.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Sarah Haywood recommends
The Other Half of Augusta Hope (2019)
Joanna Glen
"I found it both a mesmerisingly beautiful portrait of a young woman discovering what home means to her, and a poignant depiction of how our actions can touch other people's lives in ways we could never have anticipated. Augusta and Parfait are wonderful characters; I was willing them on to find the happiness and peace they both deserved."
The Love Story of Missy Carmichael (2020)
Beth Morrey
"A generous-hearted story showing the transformative power of friendship and community. . . . A fabulously enjoyable book!"
The Secrets of Love Story Bridge (2020)
Phaedra Patrick
"A wonderfully hope-filled story."
The Comeback (2020)
Ella Berman
"A spectacularly compelling story of a young woman finding the courage to take back control of her life ...This is a novel that will stay with me."
Good Eggs (2021)
Rebecca Hardiman
"Good Eggs is a joyous, exuberantly fun-filled novel of second chances. In the Gogartys, Rebecca Hardiman has created a vivid cast of characters whose schemes, adventures and mishaps keep us on the edges of our seats. We can’t help but cheer each of them on—especially the exasperating and beguilingly naughty Millie Gogarty—as they untangle the various muddles in which they find themselves. With all their quirks and flaws, this is a family that earns a place in our hearts. An absolute delight from start to finish!"
Hope Nicely's Lessons for Life (2021)
Caroline Day
"A touching, tender story filled with wonderful humour. An absolute joy."
When I Ran Away (2021)
Ilona Bannister
"When I Ran Away is a profoundly moving story showing the redemptive power of love and acceptance - of friends, family and also of ourselves. Richly textured, populated by wonderfully observed, deftly drawn characters, from the hilarious chorus of Staten Island girlfriends to the blinkered office colleagues and the desperate-to-seem-in-control women of the mums and babies group. A smart, brave and often very funny book that's full of hope for the future. I was captivated."
The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman (2021)
Julietta Henderson
"Norman Foreman will capture your heart, just as he does with everyone he meets on his quirky road-trip from heart-rending loss to comedy heaven. Norman’s story had me in tears, both of laughter and sorrow, as he bravely battles against the odds to achieve his dream. His companions on his journey, and the wonderful characters he encounters along the way, have all suffered their own different losses, but, like Norman, have refused to let those challenges extinguish their optimism and love of life. The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman is a book full of hope, humour and kindness, with one of the most endearing central characters I’ve met in a long time. An utter delight!"
The Rehearsals (2021)
Annette Christie
"A funny, clever, enchanting story about finding our way back to ourselves and to those we truly love. It had me spellbound from the first page. . . . The Rehearsals is refreshingly honest about the ups and downs of long-term relationships, whether romantic or family, handling its themes with wit and zest. Terrific fun from beginning to end!"
Sedating Elaine (2022)
Dawn Winter
"Sedating Elaine is a brilliantly quirky, surreally funny story of a woman who comes up with the craziest idea ever for clearing her debts. In Frances, Dawn Winter has created an intriguingly headstrong yet vulnerable character with an astonishing talent for making the worst possible life-decisions. I laughed, cringed and held on to the edge of my seat as Frances' hare-brained scheme hurtled along like a runaway train heading for a precipice. A thoroughly entertaining read!"
How to Fake It in Hollywood (2022)
Ava Wilder
"How to Fake It in Hollywood is a fresh, witty, high-emotion story with compelling characters and stylish backdrops. Grey and Ethan's relationship feels genuine in its messiness and complications, and Ava Wilder's breathtaking depiction of their highs and lows had me totally invested in their fate. The perfect novel for fans of modern, smart romance."

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