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Beth Morrey's work has been published in the Cambridge and Oxford May Anthologies and shortlisted for the Grazia Orange First Chapter competition. She lives in London with her family and dog. The Love Story of Missy Carmichael is her debut novel.

Genres: Literary Fiction, General Fiction

Beth Morrey recommends
Girl A (2020)
Abigail Dean
"Girl A is extraordinary. Pitch black, forensic, and uncomfortably riveting, but with such a thread of humour and tenderness."
The Family Holiday (2020)
Elizabeth Noble
"Tender, thoughtful and heartrending. The Chamberlains remind us of the strength and comfort of family bonds."
The Push (2021)
Ashley Audrain
"The Push is a freight train of a read - it barrels into you and propels you along, taking you places you're not sure you want to go. I found it disturbing, upsetting, and utterly compelling."
The Other Daughter (2021)
Caroline Bishop
"A tightly plotted and absorbing tale of one woman's journey to uncover the secrets of her birth. It beautifully fuses the personal and the political in its exploration of motherhood and women's rights, as Jess tries to reconcile herself to her own choices, and the choices made by those who came before her."
Dog Days (2021)
Ericka Waller
"Dog Days is a Russian doll of a book that twists and tugs each outer husk, revealing delicate and poignant inner layers. Irascible old bastard George, with the soft core of a Scotch egg; Dan, a shy counsellor who keeps his jazz hands firmly lowered; Lizzie, a fragile, fact-loving mother weighed down by scars and secrets. It’s a soulful, lyrical tale that brings them - and their dogs - together in a satisfying whole. Such a treat."
Everything After (2021)
Jill Santopolo
"A thoughtful, life-affirming exploration of choice, regret and missed opportunity. I’m sure we all have a sense of that life unlived; whether it would have been better or more fulfilling to have taken another fork in the road, and this book allows that longing to play out, with all the subsequent messiness and upheaval. Santopolo deftly untangles those knots in the necklace, arriving at a rich and satisfying conclusion."
The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman (2021)
Julietta Henderson
"What a charming, funny and cheering read. There's such a lovely, buoyant innocence to Norman and his quest—a coming-of-age that tickles and moves in equal measure. The writing is sharp but tender and in the same way that Marcus in About a Boy strengthens his house of cards, Norman builds the eccentric, loving network he deserves."
The Summer Job (2021)
Lizzy Dent
"Gossipy, warm and funny. Like Goldie Hawn’s Private Benjamin, but with wine!"
A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting (2022)
Sophie Irwin
"A diamond of the first water! Shades of Heyer with a dash of modern roguishness... Full of heart and swooningly romantic."
The Girl on the 88 Bus (2022)
Freya Sampson
"Such a lovely, charming read, full of flawed yet endearing characters, with the most uplifting, bittersweet ending."
Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting (2022)
Clare Pooley
"It made me cry, made me cackle - a first-class journey. Just wonderful."

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