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Giles Kristian

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Family history (he is half Norwegian) and his storytelling hero, Bernard Cornwell, inspired Giles Kristian to write his first historical novels, the acclaimed and bestselling Raven Viking trilogy Blood Eye, Sons of Thunder and Odin's Wolves. For his next series, he drew on a long-held fascination with the English Civil War. The Bleeding Land and Brother's Fury follow the fortunes of a divided family against the complex and brutal backcloth of a conflict that tore this country apart and ended with the killing of a king.

Genres: Historical, Fantasy
   The Terror (2014)
   Hellmouth (2021)
Giles Kristian recommends
The Cross and the Curse (2016)
(Bernicia Chronicles, book 2)
Matthew Harffy
"A tale that rings like sword song in the reader's mind. Harffy knows his genre inside out and The Cross and the Curse proves it."
Clash of Empires (2018)
(Clash of Empires, book 1)
Ben Kane
"The word epic is overused to describe books, but with Clash of Empires it fits like a gladius in its scabbard. What Kane does, with such mastery, is place the big story - Rome vs Greece - in the background, while making this a story about ordinary men caught up in world-defining events. Men bonded by friendship and blood. Some seeking acceptance or honour or revenge. A few grasping for power and glory, but most ultimately just trying to stay alive. I for one was fascinated by the differing tactics, fighting styles and weapons, as represented by the Roman cohort and the Greek phalanx. Or, as exhibited close up and personal in the flashing melee of the gladius and pike. These contrasts seemed to speak, with horrific eloquence, of the slaughter of the classical world of Homer and Alexander. In short, I haven't enjoyed a book this much for ages."
The Angel's Mark (2018)
(Nicholas Shelby, book 1)
S W Perry
"Wonderful! Beautiful writing, and Perry's Elizabethan London is so skilfully evoked, so real that one can almost smell it."
Rubicon (2019)
(HWA Short Story Collection, book 1)
Nick Brown, Gordon Doherty, Ruth Downie, Richard Foreman, Alison Morton, Anthony Riches, Antonia Senior, Peter Tonkin and L J Trafford
"Rubicon is a declaration of intent to intrigue."
Legion (2019)
(Raven and the Eagle, book 1)
Geraint Jones
"Every page is drenched with the soldiers experience."
Kings of a Dead World (2021)
Jamie Mollart
"Kings of a Dead World intrigued me with its title and had me on page one. Mollart's dystopian vision is as disturbing as it is brilliant."

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