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E.E. Isherwood has been a storyteller for over 30 years. As a young teen he would create elaborate imaginary worlds as a Dungeon Master for many Dungeons and Dragons adventures. He kept them all in spiral-bound notebooks. His wife often wondered why those bins of notebooks kept following her from house to house. He began to wonder about that too. But three decades and several careers later he realized they were stories, and he could put those storytelling skills to good use again by writing books. A life-long enthusiast of apocalyptic fiction, writing about zombies was his first passion. He has other book ideas based on those old notebooks. He lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area, where his series of zombie books takes place.

   Undead Worlds 2 (2018) (with R L Blalock, Joshua C Chadd, LC Champlin, Jessica Gomez, Grivante, Valerie Lioudis, Alathia Paris Morgan and R J Spears)
Anthologies edited
   Inanna's Circle: Flight of Imagination - Thru the Dark (2016) (with Kat Lind)
   Undead Worlds (2017) (with Derek Ailes, Mark Cusco Ailes, Christopher Artinian, Sylvester Barzey, Brea Behn, R L Blalock, L C Champlin, Ryan Colley, AR DeClerck, Jeremy Dyson, Jessica Gomez, Grivante, Charles Ingersoll, Adrienne Lecter, Valerie Lioudis, Christopher Mahood, Kate L Mary, Eleanor Merry, Arthur Mongelli, Michael Peirce, Skyler Rankin, T D Ricketts, TD Ricketts, M A Robbins, Justin Robinson, Julien Saindon, Samie Sands, David Simpson, David A Simpson, Jen Tyes and Michael Whitehead)
   Descent Into Darkness (2017) (with Paul B Kohler and Tony Urban)