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Lisa loves words, reading and everything there is to love about books. She has dreamed of being a writer since she was a little girl either that or a librarian - and after years of talking about it, was finally brave enough to put pen to paper (and let people actually read it). Lisa lives in a small village in Kent, surrounded by her towering TBR pile, a rather large brood of children, dogs, chickens and ponies and her long-suffering husband. She is also rather partial to eating cheese and drinking wine.

Genres: Mystery
Lisa Hall recommends
Cut to the Bone (2016)
(DCI Kate Riley and Zain Harris, book 1)
Alex Caan
"A chillingly authentic, bang-on-trend thriller - one you'd be a fool to miss."
The Watcher (2016)
Ross Armstrong
"The Watcher is an intense, unsettling read… one that had me feeling like I needed to keep checking over my shoulder as I read."
Those Who Lie (2017)
Diane Jeffrey
"[A] scorchingly good thriller."
The Roanoke Girls (2017)
Amy Engel
"Utterly addictive."
Tattletale (2017)
Sarah J Naughton
"...full of shocking surprises."
Trust Me (2017)
Gemma Metcalfe
"Trust Me is a brilliantly fast paced read, with a unique premise… add to that a spectacular twist, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough."
The Choice (2017)
Samantha King
"Refreshingly different, and actually quite disturbing. I loved it!"
Final Girls (2017)
Riley Sager
"Captivating and compelling, with a refreshingly brilliant premise, Riley Sager is one to watch."
Give Me the Child (2017)
Mel McGrath
"Completely unputdownable."
99 Red Balloons (2017)
Elisabeth Carpenter
"What a rollercoaster of a read!"
All the Wicked Girls (2017)
Chris Whitaker
"Chris is so amazing. He just has this real knack of creating characters that you're completely engaged with . . . I was hooked by his beautiful prose and by the end I was absolutely ruined."
The Doll House (2017)
Phoebe Morgan
"Tense suspenseful and unsettling!."
The Forgotten Room (2017)
Ann Troup
"Addictive. A first-class page-turner."
Anything for Her (2017)
G J Minett
"An exciting, twisty read that had me hooked from the first page."
This I Would Kill For (2018)
(Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist, book 3)
Anne Buist
"A multi-stranded, pacy thriller that weaves together an intricately twisty plot, keeping the reader guessing to the very last page."
The Devil's Dice (2018)
(DI Meg Dalton, book 1)
Roz Watkins
"Brilliant. I love Meg!"
Turn a Blind Eye (2018)
(D.I. Maya Rahman, book 1)
Vicky Newham
"A fresh and enthralling read which smacks of authenticity. A different take on the usual, tired detective story, too. I loved it."
The Cliff House (2018)
Amanda Jennings
"A beautifully written tale of jealousy, envy and possession – absolutely first-class story telling."
Close Your Eyes (2018)
Darren O'Sullivan
"I thought it was absolutely brilliant – really fast-paced, and packed full of action."
Her Name Was Rose (2018)
Claire Allan
"SUCH a good read! It made me feel so uncomfortable, but I still kept gobbling up the pages."
The Witch Of Willow Hall (2018)
Hester Fox
"Beautifully written… The Witch of Willow Hall will cast a spell over every reader."
Lost Lives (2018)
Lisa Cutts
"Utterly gripping and hauntingly realistic, I raced through this in one sitting."
Don't Tell Teacher (2019)
Suzy K Quinn
"Just *brilliant*! Full of twists and turns."
Little Darlings (2019)
(DS Harper, book 1)
Melanie Golding
"A story that is in turn enthralling, creepy and downright sinister, Melanie Golding turns fairy tales on their heads…A brilliant, heart-pounding read."
The Lost Ones (2019)
Anita Frank
"I loved it SO MUCH – so creepy and compelling, full of atmosphere and gave me goosebumps…"
Hold Your Tongue (2019)
(DI Eve Hunter, book 1)
Deborah Masson
"Gritty and close to the bone, HOLD YOUR TONGUE is a compelling, addictive read that I devoured in one sitting. With complex, layered characters and a tension-fuelled plot, this is one of my favourite debuts of the year."
The Prized Girl (2020)
Amy K Green
"I loved the complex relationships and the secrets lurking beneath the surface."
Black River (2020)
(Tuva Moodyson Mystery, book 3)
Will Dean
"Black River is an incredible read! Be ready for March 2020 people, Tuva is back with a bang."
The Crossing (2020)
(Detective Louise Blackwell, book 1)
Matt Brolly
"Really compelling and twisty, The Crossing reminded me how much I love a good police procedure. I loved it!"
Precious You (2020)
Helen Monks Takhar
"A brilliantly twisted tale . . . LOVED it."
Q (2020)
Christina Dalcher
"WHAT A BOOK. Shockingly, terrifyingly real – Christina Dalcher has got another bestseller on her hands."
Very Nearly Normal (2020)
Hannah Sunderland
"Beautiful - I am a tiny bit broken."
Who We Were (2020)
B M Carroll
"Twisty, compelling, and terrifyingly realistic."
The List (2020)
Carys Jones
"I thought it was brilliant. I loved the tension all the way through, and thought the characterisation of Beth was wonderful (especially with the super twist - I wasn't expecting to empathise with her but I did!)...I couldn't put it down."
The Hit List (2020)
Holly Seddon
"Pacy and tense . . . I loved it!"
The Appeal (2021)
Janice Hallett
"Brilliantly crafted, The Appeal is a refreshingly different take on the modern crime novel. Full of suspicion and secrets, I raced my way to the end - and what an ending!"
Call Me Mummy (2021)
Tina Baker
"Psychologically twisty and utterly gripping - a novel to make you question the way things appear at first sight."
The Jigsaw Man (2021)
(Inspector Angelica Henley, book 1)
Nadine Matheson
"The Jigsaw Man is so tense and dark. It has a real Silence of the Lambs vibe, and Peter Olivier is my new Hannibal Lecter. Brilliant."
Last One at the Party (2021)
Bethany Clift
"Finished this last night and haven't stopped thinking about it since! Possibly my fave read of 2020 - sharp, funny, emotional and a refreshingly different take on a post-apocalyptic world."
The Girls Are All So Nice Here (2021)
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
"Absolutely brilliant – so claustrophobic and tense."
The Pact (2021)
Sharon Bolton
"What a read, I loved it so much. I was totally invested in the characters from the very first page. So so gripping!"
The Rule (2021)
David Jackson
"An intense and compelling read, that will evoke complicated emotions in every reader. Highly recommended."
Treasure and Dirt (2021)
Chris Hammer
"A complex, twisty thriller, with nuanced characters and a winding plot all set in the oppressive Australian heat."
We Are Not Like Them (2021)
Jo Piazza and Christine Pride
"An incredible read. Powerful, emotional and very, very relevant. I didn’t stop thinking about it for days."
On the Edge (2021)
(Jen Shaw, book 1)
Jane Jesmond
"It literally had me on the edge from the word go. Tense, taut and thrilling."
The Staycation (2022)
Cressida McLaughlin
"Just brilliant. Sweet, sexy and sizzzzling. It was a pure joy to read."
Sundial (2022)
Catriona Ward
"It's a cracker, even better than The Last House on Needless Street. It was dark, and unsettling, and creepy and enthralling."
A Kiss After Dying (2022)
Ashok K Banker
"I absolutely raced through this - fast-paced and brilliantly twisty, it's going to be a bestseller!"
All Good People Here (2022)
Ashley Flowers
"I loved ALL GOOD PEOPLE HERE. So, so gripping and twisty, I honestly couldn't put it down."
All You Ever Wanted (2022)
Susan Elliot Wright
"With her taut writing and immaculate pacing, Susan Elliot Wright has created a dark and sinister tale of toxic family relationships, full of secrets and lies, layered with a perfect example of the smothering isolation felt by so many new mothers. I was utterly gripped from start to finish."

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