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Dana Schwartz

Dana graduated Brown University where she had a brief, 3-year delusion that she was pre-med before getting an internship at CONAN and realizing the comedy/writing thing was way more her speed.

In NYC, she interned at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, worked as a cartoon assistant at The New Yorker, produced videos for Mental_Floss, anddated 2-3 jerks, depending on how you count them, who gave her plenty of material. 

Now she's an Arts and Entertainment writer for The New York Observer. She created a parody Twitter account called @GuyInYourMFA based on the people she's encountered in fiction workshops, and another one called @DystopianYA about the tropes in all of the young adult fiction books she's read. Her own (non-dystopian) YA book (AND WE'RE OFF) is forthcoming from Penguin/Razorbil, along with a memoir (CHOOSE YOUR OWN DISASTER) from Grand Central.