Sebastien Japrisot's picture

Sébastien Japrisot

(Jean-Baptiste Rossi)
France (1931 - 2003)

Sébastien Japrisot was a French author, screenwriter and film director, born in Marseille. His pseudonym was an anagram of Jean-Baptiste Rossi, his real name. Japrisot has been nicknamed "the Graham Greene of France".

Famous in the Francophony, he was little known in the English-speaking world, though a number of his novels have been translated into English and have been made into films.
   The 10.30 from Marseilles (1963)
     aka The Sleeping Car Murders
   Trap for Cinderella (1964)
   The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1967)
   Goodbye, Friend (1969)
   One Deadly Summer (1980)
   Women in Evidence (1990)
     aka The Passion of Women
   A Very Long Engagement (1993)
   Rider on the Rain (1999)