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Mick Herron was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, lives in Oxford, and works in London. His short fiction regularly appears in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, and he is a contributing editor to the monthly book trade publication Bookdealer.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery

Slough House
   1. Slow Horses (2010)
   2. Dead Lions (2013)
   2.5. The List (2015)
   3. Real Tigers (2016)
   4. Spook Street (2017)
   5. London Rules (2018)
   5.5. The Drop (2018)
   6. Joe Country (2019)
   6.5. The Catch (2020)
   7. Slough House (2021)
   8. Bad Actors (2022)
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Dagger Awards Best Book winner (2013) : Dead Lions
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2014) : Dead Lions
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (2016) : Real Tigers
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (2017) : Spook Street
Macavity Awards Best Book nominee (2017) : Real Tigers
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2018) : Spook Street
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (2018) : London Rules
Barry Awards Best Thriller nominee (2019) : London Rules
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (2020) : Joe Country

Mick Herron recommends
Before It's Too Late (2015)
(DI Will Jackman, book 1)
Jane Isaac
"An involving and clever plot; a sympathetic protagonist. In a crowded field, Jane Isaac writes like a seasoned professional."
Brothers in Blood (2017)
(Zaq & Jags, book 1)
Amer Anwar
"An engaging hero, a cunning plot, and a fascinating journey into Southall's underworld. We'll be hearing a lot more from Amer Anwar."
The Irregular (2017)
(Irregular Spy, book 1)
H B Lyle
"A fine first entry in what promises to be a great new series. Wiggins is a captivating hero, and Lyle draws his Edwardian backstreets in convincing color. The game is most definitely afoot."
The Night Visitor (2017)
Lucy Atkins
"The tension is immediate and unrelenting; the sense of unease palpable . . . a gripping, Rendellesque read."
Last Stop Tokyo (2017)
James Buckler
"A fine debut - fast-paced and bleak, with a vivid setting and gut-wrenching twists."
My Little Eye (2017)
(Starke & Bell, book 1)
Stephanie Marland
"The first novel in what promises to be a riveting new series, My Little Eye is a one-sitting read: gripping, clever and worringly plausible."
Head Case (2018)
(Tom Mondrian, book 1)
Ross Armstrong
"Quirky, offbeat, stylish and original. I loved it."
Need to Know (2018)
Karen Cleveland
"Gripping, tense, and packed full of insider knowledge. A need-to-read."
Killing State (2018)
(Michael North, book 1)
Jude O'Reilly and Judith O'Reilly
"Fast-paced and packed with action ... A series hero to watch."
The Craftsman (2018)
(Craftsman Trilogy, book 1)
Sharon Bolton
"Sharon Bolton raises the bar with each new book. The Craftsman goes to some very dark places, and will have readers looking nervously over their shoulders with every page they turn."
Firefly (2018)
(Paul Samson, book 1)
Henry Porter
"A welcome return ... Firefly is both timely and terrific."
The Old Religion (2018)
(Tom Killgannon, book 1)
Martyn Waites
"A chilling slice of country noir. Great stuff."
The Puppet Show (2018)
(Washington Poe, book 1)
M W Craven
"A thrilling curtain raiser for what looks set to be a great new series."
A House of Ghosts (2018)
W C Ryan
"A splendid tale of wartime skullduggery, featuring both kinds of spooks - perfect fireside reading."
Cold Bones (2019)
(DS Aector McAvoy, book 8)
David Mark
"McAvoy is a true original. So is David Mark."
Fade to Grey (2019)
(Gethin Grey, book 1)
John Lincoln
"A terrific ride through the mean streets of Cardiff."
On My Life (2019)
Angela Clarke
"An angry, powerful read - one of those rare crime novels with more to deliver than routine thrills."
Murder in Bel Air (2019)
(Aimee Leduc, book 19)
Cara Black
"The finest PI series now being written."
The Whisper Man (2019)
Alex North
"A novel about the dark places that are recognisably our own, The Whisper Man plays on our emotions as much as on our fears. A tremendous calling card for the brilliant Alex North."
Pine (2020)
Francine Toon
"If there's any doubt that the Gothic thriller is enjoying a boom, Francine Toon's debut should settle the matter. PINE, a moving study of memory and loss, is both spooky and tender; drenched in a sense of place and yet eerily timeless."
Fifty-Fifty (2020)
(Eddie Flynn, book 5)
Steve Cavanagh
"Eddie's back! Steve Cavanagh writes the best hooks in the business."
Bent (2020)
Joe Thomas
"Vivid, stylish, funny."
Box 88 (2020)
(Box 88, book 1)
Charles Cumming
"BOX 88 is a wonderful spy novel; Charles Cumming’s most ambitious – and his best – yet."
A Fine Madness (2021)
(Christopher Marlowe Murder Mystery)
Alan Judd
"Alan Judd knows more about the secret world than any other writer living. To have him turn his expert eye on the world of Christopher Marlowe – and on Francis Walsingham, the Elizabethan George Smiley – is a special kind of literary treat."
The Cover Wife (2021)
Dan Fesperman
"The narrative choreography demanded by Fesperman's split timelines is expertly handled, and the dilemma faced by Helen, in particular – whether to be a good employee or a good citizen – illustrates the kind of weight that the spy novel, in the right hands, is capable of bearing."
1979 (2021)
(Allie Burns, book 1)
Val McDermid
"A new series from Val McDermid promises to be an event - and 1979 delivers. Full of wit, thrills and incisive social observation and features a marvellous new character to follow through the years to come."
The Dark Remains (2021)
(Jack Laidlaw, book 4)
William McIlvanney and Ian Rankin
"Absolutely brilliant."
A Killing in November (2022)
(DI Wilkins Mysteries, book 1)
Simon Mason
"This is a terrific crime novel, with a startlingly original protagonist we're going to see a lot more of. Oxford's mean streets just got meaner."
The Interview (2022)
C M Ewan
"Fierce read, with heart, muscle and an out-of-sight twist."
The Plant Hunter (2022)
T L Mogford
"An old-fashioned adventure yarn with all the virtues of the genre, The Plant Hunter engages, informs and entertains, while taking the reader to distant, unexpected places. Highly recommended."
Paris Requiem (2022)
(Detective Eddie Giral, book 2)
Chris Lloyd
"A thoughtful, haunting thriller."

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