T C H Jacobs

(Thomas Curtis Hicks Jacobs)
UK flag (1899 - 1976)

aka Kathleen Carstairs, Tom Curtis, Penn Dower, Helen Howard, Marilyn Pender, Jacques Pendower

Genres: Mystery, Western, Thriller
The Terror of Torlands (1930)
The Bronkhorst Case (1931)
     aka Documents of Murder
Appointment with the Hangman (1936)
Lone Star Ranger (1952) (as by Penn Dower)
Bandit Gold (1953) (as by Tom Curtis)
Bret Malone, Texas Marshal (1953) (as by Penn Dower)
Gunsmoke Over Alba (1953) (as by Penn Dower)
Gunman's Glory (1954) (as by Tom Curtis)
Indian Moon (1954) (as by Penn Dower)
Texas Stranger (1954) (as by Penn Dower)
Trail End (1954) (as by Tom Curtis)
The Woman Who Waited (1954)
Border Justice (1955) (as by Tom Curtis)
The Dark Avenue (1955) (as by Jacques Pendower)
Frontier Mission (1955) (as by Tom Curtis)
Hunted Woman (1955) (as by Jacques Pendower)
Malone Rides in (1955) (as by Penn Dower)
Cause for Suspicion (1956)
Desperate Venture (1956) (as by Penn Dower)
Two-gun Marshal (1956) (as by Penn Dower)
Guns in Vengeance (1957) (as by Penn Dower)
Phantom Marshal (1957) (as by Tom Curtis)
Ride and Seek (1957) (as by Tom Curtis)
Frontier Marshal (1958) (as by Penn Dower)
Gun Business (1958) (as by Tom Curtis)
Mission in Tunis (1958) (as by Jacques Pendower)
Tangled Destinies (1958) (as by Marilyn Pender)
Lone Star Law (1959) (as by Tom Curtis)
The Long Shadow (1959) (as by Jacques Pendower)
Anxious Lady (1960) (as by Jacques Pendower)
The Devouring Flame (1960) (as by Marilyn Pender)
It Began in Spain (1960) (as by Kathleen Carstairs)
Poisoned Love (1960) (as by Helen Howard)
Betrayed (1961) (as by Jacques Pendower)
     aka The Widow from Spain
Let Him Stay Dead (1961)
Death On the Moor (1962) (as by Jacques Pendower)
The Golden Vision (1962) (as by Marilyn Pender)
Rebel Nurse (1962) (as by Marilyn Pender)
The Red Net (1962)
Third Time Lucky (1962) (as by Kathleen Carstairs)
The Secret Power (1963)
Bandit Brothers (1964) (as by Penn Dower)
The Elusive Monsieur Drago (1964)
Spy Business (1965) (as by Jacques Pendower)
Dangerous Love (1966) (as by Marilyn Pender)
Ladder of Love (1966) (as by Helen Howard)
Out of This World (1966) (as by Jacques Pendower)
Shadows of Love (1966) (as by Kathleen Carstairs)
Try Anything Once (1967) (as by Jacques Pendower)
A Trap for Fools (1968) (as by Jacques Pendower)
The Golden Statuette (1969) (as by Jacques Pendower)
All That Glitters (1970) (as by Marilyn Pender)
Diamonds for Danger (1970) (as by Jacques Pendower)
She Came By Night (1971) (as by Jacques Pendower)
Cause for Alarm (1971) (as by Jacques Pendower)
The Tattooed Man (1971)
Security Risk (1972)
Date with Fear (1974) (as by Jacques Pendower)