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Wendy James

Australia (b.1966)
Sister of Rebecca James

Wendy James is the mother of two sets of siblings born eight years apart, in the digital and pre-digital ages. She is the author of seven novels, including the bestselling The Mistake. Her debut novel, Out of the Silence, won the 2006 Ned Kelly Award for first crime novel, and was shortlisted for the Nita May Dobbie award for womens writing. She works as an editor at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation.
   Out of the Silence (2005)
   The Steele Diaries (2008)
   Where Have You Been? (2010)
   The Mistake (2012)
   The Lost Girls (2014)
   The Golden Child (2017)
   An Accusation (2021)
   A Little Bird (2021)

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