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Marjan Kamali, born in Turkey to Iranian parents, spent her childhood in Kenya, Germany, Turkey, Iran, and the United States. She holds degrees from UC Berkeley, Columbia University, and New York University. Her work has also been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and published in two anthologies: Tremors and Let Me Tell You Where I've Been.

An excerpt from The Stationery Shop was published in Solstice Literary Magazine and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her debut novel Together Tea was a Massachusetts Book Award Finalist, an NPR WBUR Good Read, and a Target Emerging Author Selection. Marjan lives with her husband and two children in the Boston area.

Genres: Literary Fiction, General Fiction
   Together Tea (2013)
   The Stationery Shop (2019)
     aka The Stationery Shop of Tehran
Marjan Kamali recommends
Feast of Sorrow (2017)
Crystal King
"The ancient Rome of Crystal King’s Feast of Sorrow is filled with delectable dishes and astonishing injustice, deep loyalties and stunning loss. By the time you’re done, you’ll want a sip of honeyed water alongside some fried hyacinth bulbs. An engrossing read."
Summer Darlings (2020)
Brooke Lea Foster
"The enchanting beaches, dazzling parties, and elusive social circles of Brooke Lea Foster’s 1962 Martha’s Vineyard carry secrets and twists that keep us breathless and guessing until the very last page. As working-class Heddy pierces through the façade of this privileged world, she comes to question everything she believed about money, marriage, and the need to improve her lot in life. A delicious read filled with an acute sense of place and unexpected discoveries about class, status, and ambition."
The Museum of Forgotten Memories (2020)
Anstey Harris
"Behind the facade of an imposing grand house and unique museum, Harris deftly explores grief’s tricky pull, the way depression can shrink a person and swallow them whole, and how those we lose are never gone. A healing tale about belonging and beginning again."
Faye, Faraway (2021)
Helen Fisher
"Charming and uplifting and healing read."
Molly Falls to Earth (2021)
Maria Mutch
"Beautiful and breathtakingly expansive, Molly Falls to Earth captures the delicate and dramatic pull of relationships in a city that swallows people up and hides them in plain sight. The beauty of great art and choreography, the unfillable voids and grand seizures that rule us, and the fragile and tough connections of human relationships are distilled here in perfect prose. An absolutely resplendent novel."

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