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Judith Lennox

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aka Judith Lennox-Smith

Judith Lennox was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire. She read English at Lancaster University and now lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband and three sons. She is the author of highly praised and topselling novels, including the following titles: The Secret Years, The Winter House, Some Old Lover's Ghost, Footprints on the Sand, The Shadow Child, The Dark-Eyed Girls, and Written on Glass

Genres: Historical, General Fiction, Historical Romance
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January 2025

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A Different World
   Reynardine (1989) (as by Judith Lennox-Smith)
   Till the Day Goes Down (1990) (as by Judith Lennox-Smith)
   The Glittering Strand (1991)
   The Italian Garden (1993)
   The Secret Years (1994)
   The Winter House (1996)
   Some Old Lover's Ghost (1997)
   Footprints on the Sand (1998)
   Shadow Child (1999)
   The Dark-eyed Girls (2000)
   Written on Glass (2002)
   Middlemere (2003)
   All My Sisters (2005)
   A Step in the Dark (2005)
   Before the Storm (2008)
   The Heart of the Night (2009)
   Catching the Tide (2011)
   The Turning Point (2012)
   One Last Dance (2014)
   The Jeweller's Wife (2015)
   Hidden Lives (2018)
   The Secrets Between Us (2020)
   Summer at Seastone (2023)
   A Different World (2025)
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