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Claire McFall's work is, in essence, all about first love and difficult decisions. Her novels take straightforward romantic narratives and hurl them into unusual and extreme settings, blurring accepted genre boundaries and creating new sub-genres of her own. She then charts her characters' reactions to these unfamiliar situations and the new and confusing feelings that beset them in a hyper-real, engaging, deeply poignant and literary manner. Claire is a teacher and lives in the Scottish Borders with her husband and she currently working on her next novel for Templar Fiction.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
   1. Ferryman (2013)
   2. Trespassers (2017)
   3. Outcasts (2019)
   Bombmaker (2014)
   Black Cairn Point (2015)
   The Last Witness (2020)
Claire McFall recommends
The Rebel of Time (2023)
Craig Andrew Mooney
"With magical mysteries, secret societies and a wise-cracking best mate, The Rebel of Time is an exhilarating adventure through time and space. A rich world with relatable characters. I devoured this novel."

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