J T McIntosh

(James Murdoch MacGregor)
UK flag (b.1925)

aka James MacGregor

J. T. McIntosh is a pseudonym used by Scottish writer and journalist James Murdoch MacGregor (19252008).

Born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, but living largely in Aberdeen, MacGregor used the McIntosh pseudonym (along with its variants J. T. MacIntosh, and J. T. M'Intosh) as well as "H. J. Murdoch", "Gregory Francis" (with Frank H. Parnell), and "Stuart Winsor" (with Jeff Mason) for all his science fiction work, which was the majority of his output, though he did publish books under his own name. His first story, "The Curfew Tolls", appeared in Astounding Science Fiction during 1950, and his first novel, World Out of Mind, was published during 1953. He did not publish any work after 1980.
In 2010, following his death in 2008, the National Library of Scotland purchased his literary papers and correspondence.
Along with John Mather and Edith Dell, he is credited for the screenplay for the colour feature film Satellite in the Sky (1956).

Genres: Science Fiction
   World out of Mind (1953)
   Born Leader (1954)
     aka Worlds Apart
   The Fittest (1955)
     aka The Rule of the Pagbeasts
   One in 300 (1955)
   When the Ship Sank (1959) (as by James MacGregor)
   200 Years to Christmas (1961)
   A Cry to Heaven (1961) (as by James MacGregor)
   The Iron Rain (1962) (as by James MacGregor)
   The Million Cities (1963)
   The Noman Way (1964)
   Out of Chaos (1965)
   Time for a Change (1967)
     aka Snow White and the Giants
   Take a Pair of Private Eyes (1968)
   Six Gates from Limbo (1969)
   A Coat of Blackmail (1970)
   Transmigration (1970)
   The Space Sorcerers (1972)
     aka The Suiciders
   The Cosmic Spies (1972)
   Flight from Rebirth (1972)
   Galactic Takeover Bid (1973)
   Ruler of the World (1976)
   This is the Way the World Begins (1977)
   Norman Conquest, 2066 (1977)
   A Planet Called Utopia (1979)
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Anthologies containing stories by J T McIntosh
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Short stories
Machine Made (1951)
Made in U.S.A. (1953)
The Saw and the Carpenter (1967)

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