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Groff Conklin (September 6, 1904, Glen Ridge, New Jersey - July 19, 1968, Pawling, New York) was a leading science fiction anthologist. Born Edward Groff Conklin, he edited 41 anthologies of science fiction, wrote books on home improvement and was a freelance writer on scientific subjects. From 1950 to 1955, he was the book critic for Galaxy Science Fiction.
Anthologies edited
   The Best of Science Fiction (1946)
   A Treasury of Science Fiction (1948)
   The Big Book of Science Fiction (1950)
   The Science Fiction Galaxy (1950)
   In the Grip of Terror (1951)
   Possible Worlds of Science Fiction (1951)
   Invaders of Earth (1952)
   Omnibus of Science Fiction (1952)
   Crossroads in Time (1953)
   Science-Fiction Adventures in Dimension (1953)
   The Supernatural Reader (1953) (with Lucy Conklin)
   6 Great Short Novels of SF (1954)
   Thinking Machines (1954)
   Operation Future (1955)
   Science Fiction Adventures in Mutation (1955)
   Science Fiction Terror Tales (1955)
   Science Fiction Omnibus (1956)
   The Graveyard Reader (1958)
   4 for the Future (1959)
   Br-r-r-! (1959)
   13 Great Stories of Science Fiction (1960)
   Six Great Short Science Fiction Novels (1960)
   Great Science Fiction by Scientists (1962)
   Twisted (1962)
   Worlds of When (1962)
   12 Great Classics of Science Fiction (1963)
   17 x Infinity (1963)
   Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales (1963) (with Isaac Asimov)
   Great Science Fiction About Doctors (1963) (with N D Fabricant)
   Great Stories of Space Travel (1963)
   Human and Other Beings (1963) (with Allen DeGraeff)
   Dimension 4 (1964)
   Five-Odd (1964)
     aka Possible Tomorrows
   13 Above the Night (1965)
   5 Unearthly Visions (1965)
   Giants Unleashed (1965)
     aka Minds Unleashed
   Great Detective Stories About Doctors (1965) (with N D Fabricant)
   Another Part of the Galaxy (1966)
   Science Fiction Oddities (1966)
   Seven Come Infinity (1966)
   Elsewhere and Elswhen (1968)
   Seven Trips Through Time and Space (1968)
   Science Fiction Elsewhen (1970)
   Science Fiction Elsewhere (1970)
   Golden Age of Science Fiction (1980)
   The Classic Book of Science Fiction (1982)
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Non fiction
Books about Groff Conklin
41 Above the Rest (2004) by Bud Webster