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As a child, Jill read so obsessively she got kicked out of the school library. But her passion for words continued. She graduated in English Literature and Theatre Studies from the University of Wales and set up a theatre company. Since then, as an actor, director, teacher, writer and journalist, she’s worked in fifteen countries. She learnt something from each one.
Now, with her husband and three dogs, Jill lives in Switzerland, a country with four languages and mountains of new words.
She works as a language trainer all over Europe, collaborates with Nuance Words and Triskele Books, and contributes regularly to Words with JAM magazine. But most of the time, she writes. And reads.

Behind Closed Doors is the first Beatrice Stubbs novel, a European crime series set in compelling locations all over the Continent.

Genres: Mystery
Beatrice Stubbs
   1. Behind Closed Doors (2012)
   2. Raw Material (2012)
   3. Tread Softly (2013)
   4. Cold Pressed (2014)
   5. Human Rites (2015)
   6. Bad Apples (2017)
   7. Snow Angel (2018)
   8. Honey Trap (2019)
   9. Black Widow (2019)
   10. White Night (2020)
   11. The Woman in the Frame (2020)
   12. All Souls' Day (2020)
JJ Marsh recommends
All the Little Children (2017)
Jo Furniss
"When the world changes overnight, all that is left is instinct - survival and maternal. This tense, emotional, and wholly absorbing book makes you wonder: What would I do?"

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