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John Matthews

UK flag (b.1952)

John Matthews is a leading British thriller writer. His books span genres of crime, action, mystery and legal-thriller and include: Basikasingo, Crescents of the Moon, Past Imperfect, The Last Witness, The Second Amendment, Ascension Day, The Shadow Chaser and The Prophet. They have been translated into 12 languages with total sales of 1.2 million. In 2007, Past Imperfect was included in a top ten all-time best legal thrillers list in The Times. He was one of only two British authors in the list.

Genres: Mystery
Finley Jameson & Joseph Argenti
   1. Letters From A Murderer (2013)
     aka Murder in Manhattan
   2. Diary From The Grave (2014)
     aka Diary of a Murderer and Diary of the Dead
   3. A Blood Red Sunset (2020)
     aka A Blood Red Diary
   4. Diary of the Dead (2020)