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(Rachel Grace Pollack)
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Rachel is considered one of the Worlds foremost authorities on the modern interpretation of the Tarot. She is also a poet, an award-winning novelist, and a Tarot card and comic book artist. She has published 12 books on the Tarot, including 78 Degrees of Wisdom (Thorsons, 1998), considered a modern classic and the Bible of Tarot reading. Its marriage of common sense, wide-ranging knowledge, and esoteric awareness have inspired many tens of thousands of readers worldwide to a deeper knowledge of the Tarot.

She is a member of the American Tarot Association, the International Tarot Society, and the Tarot Guild of Australia. With fellow Tarot author Mary Greer, she has taught at the famed Omega Institute for the past twelve years. She has been conferred the title of Tarot Grand Master by the Tarot Certification Board, an independent body located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a fiction writer, Pollack has been bestowed many honors and awards, among them the famed Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction (for Unquenchable Fire) and the World Fantasy Award (for Godmother Night). She is a recommended member of PEN International, and has written for numerous publications.
   Burning Sky (1998)
   Fortune's Lover (poems) (2009)
Anthologies edited
   Tarot Tales (1989) (with Caitlin Matthews)
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Rachel Pollack
Short stories
The Girl Who Went to the Rich Neighborhood (1984)
The Malignant One (1984)
The Bead Woman (1994)
The Fool, the Stick, And the Princess (1998)

Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book winner (1989) : Unquenchable Fire
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Best Book nominee (1995) : Temporary Agency
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1995) : Temporary Agency
World Fantasy Best Novel winner (1997) : Godmother Night

Rachel Pollack recommends
Three Marys (2003)
Paul Park
"From the first moments, Paul Park's intense, always precise language brings ancient stories to life without ever cheapening them through a fake 'realism'. The gospel stories are well served in this vividly imagined book."
Nevada (2013)
Imogen Binnie
"Only recently have trans writers begun to write from their own lives, and the lives of their community, lives that are hard, sometimes lonely, or dangerous, but also joyous and even strong. Imogen Binnie's Nevada-funny, harsh, above all, honest and uncensored-was a pioneer in this new wave of trans books. It's great to see it back in print and reaching a wider audience."
All the Perils of This Night (2020)
Elizabeth Cunningham
"Elizabeth Cunningham has done something rare and special in mystery writing. Mysteries fall into several sub-genres, such as 'locked-room,' or 'international thriller,' or 'courtroom suspense.' Some writers will switch sub-genres in different books. But this is the first time I've ever seen a writer move the same cast of characters to a radically different kind of setting and story. Elizabeth Cunningham has taken the small town cast from Murder At The Rummage Sale, and brought them to a story that is not only on a much larger stage--London in the 1960's, but also to a world that is far darker, more disturbing, with a young woman's life and soul in the balance. Remarkable book."

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