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Kirsty Moseley was born in Hertfordshire, England. In 2000, She moved to Norfolk, it was there that She met her husband, Lee. He's my biggest supporter, and She wouldn't be where She is today without his encouragement and endless support. He is Her inspiration behind most of her male leads, She always trys to bring a little of him in somewhere, be it his kindness, selflessness, or just his ability to make her feel treasured. 

In 2005, She was gifted with the birth of her son. He is, and always will be, the best thing She has ever done in her life. As you can probably tell,  Shes a very proud mummy. 

She has always been interested in writing, but after the birth of my son She accidentally came across an amateur writing site. After a couple of months of just reading on there, She finally plucked up the courage and posted one of her stories. She was shocked and overwhelmed by the support of readers on there and they gave her the confidence to get where She is today.

In April 2012, She self-published her first novel

The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window

Genres: Romance