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Laura Morelli

Genres: Historical
   We All Fall Down (2020) (with David Blixt, Jean Gill, Kristin Gleeson, J K Knauss, Katherine Pym, Deborah Swift, Melodie Winawer and Lisa J Yarde)
Laura Morelli recommends
Raphael: Painter in Rome (2020)
Stephanie Storey
"Along with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael Sanzio forms part of an unofficial ‘holy trinity’ of Italian Renaissance artists. In Stephanie Storey’s new historical novel, Raphael: Painter in Rome, however, we experience Raphael not as a towering giant but rather as a lively, engaging friend. Storey deftly weaves together extensive historical research on artistic, political, and religious events without it feeling heavy or didactic. Raphael’s first-person narrative and his interactions with the other characters—most of whom are important historical figures of Renaissance Italy—pulls the reader seamlessly through the story to a satisfying conclusion. You’ll want to have your internet connection ready so that you can look up each and every one of the beautiful works of art described in this engaging tale of ambition, rivalry, and ultimately, the power of art to transcend it all."

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