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Leila Mackinlay

(Leila Antionette Sterling Mackinlay)
UK flag (1910 - 1996)

aka Brenda Grey

Leila Antionette Sterling was born in 1910. She wrote romance novels from 1930 to 1979, as Leila S. Mackinlay, Leila Mackinlay and under the psuedonymBrenda Grey. Some of her novels are based in real people like, Madame Vestris, Lola Montez or Jane Elizabeth Digby, she also wrote MusicalProductions, a musical book.

She was the seventh elected Chairman (1973-1975) of the Romantic Novelists'Association. She passed away in 1996.
Little Mountebank (1930)
Madame Juno (1931)
An Exotic Young Lady (1932)
Modern Micawbers (1933) (as by Brenda Grey)
Willed to Wed (1933)
Shadow Lawn (1934)
Into the Net (1935)
Love Goes South (1935)
Night Bell (1936)
Apron-Strings (1937)
Doubting Heart (1937)
Caretaker Within (1938)
Theme Song (1938)
Only her Husband (1939)
The Reluctant Bride (1939)
Man Always Pays (1940)
Woman at the Wheel (1940)
None Better Loved (1941)
The Brave Live On (1942)
Time On Her Hands (1942)
Green Limelight (1943)
Lady of the Torch (1944)
Two Walk Together (1945)
Piccadilly Inn (1946)
Blue Shutters (1947)
Peacock Hill (1948)
Echo of Applause (1950)
Six Wax Candles (1950)
Spider Dance (1950)
Guilt's Pavilions (1951)
Five Houses (1952)
Unwise Wanderer (1952)
Cuckoo Cottage (1953)
She Married Another (1953)
Fiddler's Green (1954)
Midnight Is Mine (1954)
Riddle of a Lady (1955)
Vagabond Daughter (1955)
Man of the Moment (1956)
She Moved to Music (1956)
Divided Duty (1957)
Mantle of Innocence (1957)
Love On a Shoestring (1958)
The Secret in Her Life (1958)
Seven Red Roses (1959)
Food of Love (1960)
Spotlight on Susan (1960)
Beauty's Tears (1961)
Spring Rainbow (1961)
Vain Delights (1962)
Broken Armour (1963)
False Relations (1963)
Fool of Virtue (1964)
Practice for Sale (1964)
Stardust in her eyes (1964) (as by Brenda Grey)
Girl of His Choice (1965) (as by Brenda Grey)
No Room for Loneliness (1965)
Ring of Hope (1965)
How High the Moon (1966) (as by Brenda Grey)
Outside Chance (1966)
Mists of the Moor (1967)
The Third Boat (1967)
Throw Your Bouquet (1967) (as by Brenda Grey)
A Very special person (1967) (as by Brenda Grey)
Frost At Dawn (1968)
Homesick for a Dream (1968)
Shadow of a Smile (1968) (as by Brenda Grey)
Wanted - Girl Friday (1968)
Farewell to Sadness (1970)
Silken Purse (1970)
Son of Summer (1970) (as by Brenda Grey)
Tread Softly on Dreams (1970) (as by Brenda Grey)
Mixed Singles (1971) (as by Brenda Grey)
Bridal Wreath (1971)
Strange Involvement (1972)
Husband in Name (1972) (as by Brenda Grey)
Food for Love (1973)
Birds of Silence (1974)
Fortune's Slave (1975)
Twilight Moment (1976)
Uphill Path (1979)
Pilot's Point (1987)
Uneasy Conquest (1987)
Restless Dream (1988)
Non fiction