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Mrs Belloc Lowndes

(Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes)
UK flag (1868 - 1947)
Sister of Hilaire Belloc

aka Elizabeth Rayner

Genres: Mystery
   The Philosophy of the Marquise (1899)
   The Heart of Penelope (1904)
   The Uttermost Farthing (1908)
   Love's Revenge (1909)
   The Pulse of Life (1909)
   When No Man Pursueth (1910)
   The Chink in the Armour (1912)
     aka The House of Peril
   Mary Pechell (1912)
   The End of Her Honeymoon (1913)
   The Lodger (1913)
   Good Old Anna (1915)
   The Red Cross Barge (1916)
   Love and Hatred (1917)
   Told in Gallant Deeds (1917)
   Out of the War? (1918)
     aka The Gentleman Anonymous
   From Out the Vasty Deep (1920)
   The Lonely House (1920)
   What Timmy did (1921)
   The Terriford Mystery (1924)
   Bread of Deceit (1925)
     aka Afterwards
   The Chianti Flask (1925)
   What Really Happened (1926)
   The Story of Ivy (1927)
   Thou Shalt Not Kill (1927)
   Cressida: No Mystery (1928)
   Duchess Laura: Certain days of her life (1929)
     aka The Duchess Intervenes
   One of Those Ways (1929)
   Letty Lynton (1931)
     aka Dishonoured Lady
   Jenny Newstead (1932)
   Love is a Flame (1932)
   The Reason Why (1932)
   Vanderlyn's Adventure (1932)
     aka The House by the Sea
   Duchess Laura: Further Days of Her Life (1933)
   The Net Is Cast (1933) (as by Elizabeth Rayner)
   Another Man's Wife (1934)
   Who Rides On a Tiger (1935)
   And Call It Accident (1936)
   The Injured Lover (1936)
     aka The Second Key
   The Marriage Broker (1937)
     aka Fortune of Bridget Malone
   Motive (1938)
     aka Why it Happened
   Lizzie Borden (1939)
   Reckless Angel (1939)
   The Christine Diamond (1940)
   Before the Storm (1941)
   The Labours of Hercules (1943)
   What of the Night? (1943)
   Where Love and Friendship Dwelt (1943)
   The Merry Wives of Westminster (1946)
   A Passing World (1948)
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