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Arthur Machen

(Arthur Llewellyn Jones)
Wales (1863 - 1947)

Arthur Machen was born in Wales in 1863, he died in 1947. His Celtic heritage left an indelible impression on him, for his writings are an elaborate and rich tapestry of ancient, yet timeless themes. He believed that the superficialiity of the modern world offered little in exchange for the colorful customs and imagery of the past.

Genres: Horror
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Arthur Machen
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Short stories
The Bright Boy
The Cosy Room [short story]
Great God Pan
The Novel of the Black Seal [short story]
The Happy Children (1824)
The Great God Pan [short story] (1890)
Adventure of the Deserted Residence (1895)
Adventure of the Gold Tiberius (1895)
Adventure of the Missing Brother (1895)
The Encounter of the Pavement (1895)
History of the Young Man with Spectacles (1895)
Incident of the Private Bar (1895)
Novel of the Dark Valley (1895)
The Novel of the White Powder [short story] (1895)
The Recluse of Bayswater (1895)
The Shining Pyramid [short story] (1895)
Strange Occurrence in Clerkenwell (1895)
The Three Imposters (1895)
The Ceremony (1897)
The White People [short story] (1899)
A Fragment of Life [short story] (1906)
The Bowmen (1914)
The Dazzling Light (1915)
The Great Return [short story] (1915)
The Little Nations (1915)
The Monstrance (1915)
Munitions of War (1915)
The Soldier's Rest (1915)
The Terror [short story] (1917)
Out of the Earth [short story] (1923)
World of the Senses (1923)
Opening the Door (1931)
Children of the Pool (1936)
N (1936)
Out of the Picture (1936)

Books about Arthur Machen
Bibliography of Arthur Machen (1973) by Adrian H Goldstone and Wesley D Sweetser
Arthur Machen (1988) by W Charlton and Aidan Reynolds
Arthur Machen (1995) by Mark Valentine
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Arthur Machen recommends
The Purple Cloud (1901)
M P Shiel
"Here is a wilder wonderland than Poe ever dreamt of... It is Poe, perhaps, but Poe with an unearthly radiance."
The Ghost Ship (1912)
Richard Middleton
"I declare I would not exchange this short, crazy, enchanting fantasy for a whole wilderness of seemly novels."
The Cream of the Jest (1917)
(Saga of Poictesme)
James Branch Cabell
"A curious, singular and enchanting book. I have read it with admiration and delight."

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