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Thomas Ligotti

(Thomas Robert Ligotti)
USA flag (b.1953)

Thomas Ligotti is a writer of horror stories. Something of a cult figure, Ligotti is rather little known, but has seen high praise as one of the most effective and unique horror writers of recent decades: The Washington Post called him "the best kept secret in contemporary horror fiction".

Genres: Horror
   Crampton (2002) (with Brandon Trenz)
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Thomas Ligotti
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Short stories
The Career of Nightmares
Conversations in a Dead Language
Death without End
The Demon Man
The Eternal Marriage
The Interminable Equation
Invocation to the Void
Mad Night of Atonement
The Master's Eyes Shining with Secrets
The Mocking Mystery
Mr Rinaldi's Angel
The Nameless Horror
New Faces in the City
One May be Dreaming
The Order of Illusion
The Physic
Primordial Loathing
The Prodigy of Dreams
The Puppet Masters
Salvation by Doom
The Spectral Estate
The Unfamiliar
The Voice in the Bones
The Chymist (1981)
Les Fleurs (1981)
Dream of a Mannikin (1982)
Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes (1982)
The Frolic (1982)
The Christmas Eves of Aunt Elise (1983)
Dr Voke and Mr Veech (1983)
Eye of the Lynx (1983)
The Greater Festival of Masks (1985)
The Heart of Count Dracula, Descendant of Attila, Scourge of God (1985)
Notes on the Writing of Horror: A Story (1985)
The Lost Art of Twilight (1986)
Masquerade of a Dead Sword (1986)
Professor Nobody's Little Lectures on Supernatural Horror (1986)
The Troubles of Dr Thoss (1986)
Dr Locrian's Asylum (1987)
The Journal of J. P. Drapeau (1987)
The Music of the Moon (1987)
The Spectacles in the Drawer (1987)
Vastarien (1987)
Alice's Last Adventure (1988)
The Sect of the Idiot (1988)
The Strange Design of Master Rignolo (1989)
The Last Feast of Harlequin (1990)World Fantasy (nominee)
The Shadow at the Bottom of the World [short story] (1990)
The Glamour (1991)
The Medusa (1991)
Mrs Rinaldi's Angel (1991)
The Tsalal (1994)
The Bungalow House (1995)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Gas Station Carnivals (1996)
The Nightmare Network (1996)
Teatro Grottesco [short story] (1996)
The Bells Will Sound Forever (1997)
The Shadow, The Darkness (1999)British Fantasy Society (nominee)

World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1991) : The Last Feast of Harlequin
Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (1996) : The Bungalow House
Bram Stoker Best Collection winner (1997) : The Nightmare Factory
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1997) : The Nightmare Factory
British Fantasy Society Best Short Story nominee (1999) : The Shadow, The Darkness

Thomas Ligotti recommends
The Tyrant (2003)
Michael Cisco
"Michael Cisco's works immerse the reader in worlds that are not simply dreamlike in the quality of their imagination but somehow manage to capture and convey the power of the dream itself. The Tyrant is his masterpiece."
The Void (2002)
Teri A Jacobs
"In The Void Teri A. Jacobs ambitiously and relentlessly pursues a darkness beyond darkness."

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