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Luke Mitchell is a storyteller whose dreams include learning the ways of the Force, becoming a sentient robot, and maybe even one day growing up. And lots of zombies. Don't ask.

(Also, the "growing up" bit was a lie.)

After studying engineering science at Penn State and neuroengineering at Drexel, Luke finally decided to throw in the towel on building a working Iron Man suit and opted instead to simply make things up and write them down. Boy, is he having more fun now.

When he's not holed up in his cave trying to string words together, he can often be found powerlifting, video-gaming, reading, and/or drinking the darkest, most roasty beers he can get his mitts on. Sometimes all at once.

But you know what? Enough about Luke. He's really not that interesting. Still, if you'd like to say hi to him for whatever reason, he'd probably be glad to hear from you. Swing by to say hi and pick up some free books!

Just watch out for the Force-wielding robot zombies...

   1. Red Gambit (2017)
   2. Hell to Pay (2017)
   3. Reaping Day (2017)
   4. Retribution (2018)
Excalibur Knights
   1. The Eighth Excalibur (2019)
   2. The Black Knight (2020)
   3. Spoils of War (2021)
   4. Homecoming (2024)
Enochian War
   Fallen (2019)
   1. Shadows of Divinity (2021)
   2. Demons of Divinity (2021)
   3. Children of Enochia (2019)
Novellas and Short Stories
   WARNING (2021)

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