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Melisa Michaels

USA flag (1946 - 2019)

Born in the Midwest, Melisa Michaels lived in many parts of the United States, before settling in Hawaii. She worked for a private investigation firm and also spent a number of years as a singer. She was the author of six science fiction novels, including the Skyrider series from Tor; and one mystery novel published by Walker, Through the Eyes of the Dead. She also served as the Webmaster for SFWA.

Genres: Science Fiction
   1. Skirmish (1985)
   2. First Battle (1985)
   3. Last War (1986)
   4. Pirate Prince (1987)
   5. Floater Factor (1988)
Anthologies containing stories by Melisa Michaels
Short stories
In the Country of the Blind, No One Can See (1979)
A Demon in My View (1981)