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Sarah McCarty

Sarah has traveled extensively throughout her life, living in other cultures, sometimes in areas where electricity was a concept awaiting fruition and a book was an extreme luxury. While she could easily adjust to the lack of electricity, living without the comfort of a good book was intolerable. To fill the void, she bought pencil and paper and sketched out her own story. In the process, Sarah discovered the joy of writing.

Sarah writes what she loves to read; fast paced stories with vivid dialogue, intense emotion and well developed characters. Her attention to detail in her stories has earned her multiple awards and a reserved spot on Keeper shelves everywhere.

Genres: , Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance
Sarah McCarty's books for adults only

Shadow Wranglers
   1. Caleb (2009)
   2. Jared (2010)
   3. Jace (2011)
   4. Slade (2011)