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Julianne MacLean


aka E V Mitchell

Julianne MacLean lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and young daughter.

Genres: Romance, Historical Romance, Mystery, General Fiction, Historical

Dodge City Brides
   1. Mail Order Prairie Bride (2000)
     aka Prairie Bride
   2. Tempting the Marshal (2016)
   3. Taken by the Cowboy (2011)
     aka A Time For Love
American Heiress
   1. To Marry the Duke (2003)
   2. An Affair Most Wicked (2004)
     aka Falling for the Marquess
   3. My Own Private Hero (2004)
     aka In Love with the Viscount
   4. Love According to Lily (2005)
   5. Portrait of a Lover (2006)
     aka To Annabelle, With Love
   6. Surrender to a Scoundrel (2006)
     aka Where Love Begins
Julianne MacLean recommends
Highland Rebel (2009)
Judith James
"A great discovery."
The Making of a Gentleman (2010)
(Sons of the Revolution, book 2)
Shana Galen
"Shana Galen will leave you breathless."
The Merzetti Effect (2011)
(Vampire Romance , book 2)
Norah Wilson
"Be prepared to be riveted!"
Color My Horse (2011)
(Racetrack Romance, book 1)
Bev Pettersen
"Bev Pettersen writes with flair and a down-to-earth warmth that will make you smile and sigh with contentment."
Season for Surrender (2012)
(Holiday Pleasures, book 2)
Theresa Romain
"Delightfully romantic... will set your heart on fire."
Ashes (2017)
Steven Manchester
"Manchester's devoted fans will find much to love in his new novel, which proves he is an author who knows how to keep readers well-entertained, while touching their hearts deeply and profoundly at the same time."
Redemption Song (2018)
(Redemption Song, book 1)
Tanya Anne Crosby
"Packed with raw, emotional power, Redemption Song is an insightful and moving exploration of one woman’s triumph over grief. When you come to the last chapter, you’ll feel breathless as you reach for the tissues. This is Tanya Anne Crosby at her very best and marks her as a strong new voice in women’s fiction."
Where the Forest Meets the Stars (2019)
Glendy Vanderah
"A powerful story of the way in which hearts are mended by love, compassion, and everyday miracles. Cleverly plotted and building to an intense crescendo in the final chapters, Where the Forest Meets the Stars is a beautiful and unforgettable debut."
Everything You Are (2019)
Kerry Anne King
"Writing sensitively about characters struggling to overcome tragedy and loss, Kerry Anne King has delivered a beautiful, soulful novel that hits all the right notes—especially for music lovers. It will leave you with tears in your eyes and sighs of contentment when you reach the satisfying, emotional conclusion. A richly rewarding read."
In an Instant (2020)
Suzanne Redfearn
"In an Instant begins as an action-packed tale of survival that is positively addictive; then it digs deep into an emotional and thought-provoking exploration of our humanity and what it means to make difficult moral choices in the most harrowing of circumstances. Redfearn tackles it all brilliantly and compassionately in this mesmerizing and wondrous novel. It’s a triumph on every level, and I absolutely loved it."
Across the Winding River (2020)
Aimie K Runyan
"Cleverly plotted and brimming with emotion, Across the Winding River takes readers on an epic journey from present day America to the dramatic events of WWII in Europe. This is Aimie K. Runyan at the top of her game—delivering the perfect mix of non-stop action, romance, and heartfelt family drama, while shining a light on the heroism of women during the war. It’s an enthralling story from start to finish."
An Unfinished Story (2020)
Boo Walker
"An Unfinished Story is the perfect mix of character-driven, heartstring-pulling drama and sharp-witted humor. I was thoroughly entertained and found myself in awe of Walker’s talent as a writer. I’m not even sure where to begin…His storyline was poignant and meaningful. His prose was masterful and full of gorgeous imagery that made the setting come alive for me. His pacing was spot-on. The dialogue was brilliant—deep and soulful at times, witty and amusing at others. On top of all that, he has created a complex and marvelously memorable character in Whitaker Grant, who charmed and amused me at every turn. I could go on and on. At the end of the day, this was a wonderfully enjoyable book. Clearly, Boo Walker is an author whose time has come."
This Magnificent Dappled Sea (2020)
David Biro
"This Magnificent Dappled Sea is a superb read. It has fascinating, original characters you care about and a masterful plot that will captivate you as it slowly unfolds. But it’s more than just entertainment. On a deeper level, it’s an important novel with a beautiful beating heart. It’s the kind of book the world desperately needs right now. You’ll be a better person for having read it."
The Secret Stealers (2021)
Jane Healey
"The Secret Stealers is a captivating, richly detailed gem of a novel—the kind of book you don’t want to put down because it has everything you love in a reading experience: an expertly crafted, fast-paced plot, a vivid WWII setting, a cast of intriguing, admirable characters and a wonderful mix of adventure and emotion. A must-read for those who love not only the very best of WWII fiction, but an altogether terrific read."
What's Left Unsaid (2021)
Emily Bleeker
"Emily Bleeker has once again delivered a heartfelt, emotionally powerful novel, proving that she is an author who knows what her audience loves—a profound journey through the depths of the human heart, and an uplifting ending that reminds us that hope lives on, even after tragedy."
The Orphan Witch (2021)
Paige Crutcher
"THE ORPHAN WITCH is a well-crafted, magical tale about finding out who you really are-and discovering the true meaning of home. Paige Crutcher’s enchanting debut will charm you from the first page to the last!"
The Passing Storm (2021)
Christine Nolfi
"Christine Nolfi proves yet again that she knows exactly how to deliver an emotional, compassionate tale about real people and the complexity of their feelings as they work through grief and loss. It is a triumphant story, and once you dive into it, you won’t want to emerge from its beautiful depths until you reach the satisfying, uplifting conclusion."

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