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Susanna Moore recommends
What You Don't Know (2017)
JoAnn Chaney
"Chaney's psychological insights and social perceptions are infallible - brutal, indignant, and full of surprises."
The Captives (2018)
Debra Jo Immergut
"The weight of deception on an otherwise honorable being, and the strain of fearful events and discoveries is Debra Jo Immergut's subject... The Captives is a compelling story of two disparate individuals, only one of whom believes that consolation is more important than truth."
Mary B (2018)
Katherine J Chen
"Katherine J. Chen has made alive Jane Austen's irresistible Bennet family by her interest in all that we do not know, rather than what we do. If each novel is an answer to preceding ones, Chen has brought us up to date in a spirited and inventive way, reminding us with wit and charm that things are never as simple as we think."
The Guest Book (2019)
Sarah Blake
"The Guest Book is not only an exploration of the past, but a prophecy of the future. It illuminates a lost world with a brilliance that is neither nostalgic nor sentimental as it leads its characters, as well as the reader, to new and disturbing discoveries about prejudice and privilege. Sarah Blake's understanding of private life at a certain time in America and within a certain class gives us an incisive history of manners and morals, with the understanding that the survival of the spirit, no matter the time, depends upon endurance, tolerance, and solitary grief."
The Stone Girl (2020)
Dirk Wittenborn
"Dirk Wittenborn’s vibrant female characters refuse to turn themselves into commodities or victims. Suspenseful, witty, and wise, it is a compelling thriller."
The Harpy (2020)
Megan Hunter
"In The Harpy, a confession of a woman who refuses to inhabit the world under false pretenses, Megan Hunter effortlessly compels us to feel both heartbreak and the momentary gratification of revenge. It is a book about love and betrayal -- that between husband and wife, and parent and child -- and it is devastating in its evocation of the expense and sometimes fatal strain of passion, grief, and rage."
The Plum Trees (2021)
Victoria Shorr
"In Victoria Shorr’s searing novel, horror encompasses the characters in ways unknown to others less afflicted as they struggle to understand all that has been sacrificed and lost, at last finding solace in their uncompromising refusal to allow the crimes of the past to diminish and defeat them."
Highway Blue (2021)
Ailsa McFarlane
"The richness and pathos of the ordinary is heightened by the private mysteries of McFarlane’s innocent fugitives as they run from both the law and themselves. It is a journey filled with unexpected kindnesses and the illuminating effect of transformation. I so admire it."

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