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Canada (b.1943)

David Morrell is one of America's most popular and acclaimed storytellers, with over eighteen million copies of his books in print. His thrillers have been translated into twenty-two languages and turned into record-breaking films as well as top-rated TV miniseries. A former professor of American literature at the University of Iowa, David Morrell now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Genres: Thriller, Historical Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction, Historical
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Anthologies containing stories by David Morrell
Short stories
The Dripping (1972)
Black Evening [short story] (1981)
But at My Back I Always Hear (1983)
The Hundred-Year Christmas [short story] (1983)World Fantasy (nominee)
The Storm (1984)
Black and White and Red All Over (1985)
Dead Image (1985)World Fantasy (nominee)
Mumbo Jumbo (1985)
Orange Is for Anguish, Blue Is for Insanity (1988)Bram Stoker
The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves (1991)Bram Stoker
Nothing Will Hurt You (1992)Bram Stoker (nominee)
The Shrine (1992)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Presley 45 (1994)
If I Should Die Before I Wake (1997)
Rio Grande Gothic (1999)

World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1984) : The Hundred-Year Christmas [short story]
World Fantasy Best Novella nominee (1986) : Dead Image
Bram Stoker Best Novellette winner (1989) : Orange Is for Anguish, Blue Is for Insanity
Bram Stoker Best Novellette winner (1992) : The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves
Bram Stoker Best Novellette nominee (1993) : Nothing Will Hurt You
Bram Stoker Best Novellette nominee (1993) : The Shrine
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (2005) : Creepers

David Morrell recommends
The Pet (1986)
Charles L Grant
"Charles L Grant is a major presence in modern horror."
Neverland (1991)
Douglas Clegg
"Douglas Clegg's Neverland is an unforgettable novel that combines creeping horror and psychological suspense. It starts like a bullet and never slows down."
The Blood of the Lamb (1992)
Thomas F Monteleone
"A highly engrossing, wildly surprising thriller with a stunning premise that thoroughly grabbed me."
In the Forest of the Night (1993)
Ron Faust
"Gripping and vivid. The kind of stunning writer you want to keep recommending."
Waiting (1999)
Frank M Robinson
"A page-turning novel whose theme is as frightening as its story!"
The Amber Room (2003)
Steve Berry
"Steve Berry is a writer on the rise."
Bloody Mary (2005)
(Jack Daniels, book 2)
J A Konrath
"Snappy dialogue. Powerful action. A fabulous character to spend time with."
Locked Doors (2005)
(Andrew Z. Thomas, book 2)
Blake Crouch
"Palpable suspense... Non-stop action... Relentless and riveting... Blake Crouch is the most exciting new thriller writer I've read in years."
Dark Gold (2006)
(Night-Sea Trilogy, book 1)
David Angsten
"Take another look at this book's cover. What's hidden inside . . . will make your eyes widen."
The Mirror's Edge (2008)
Steven Sidor
"Compelling and chilling, The Mirror’s Edge delivers everything a reader could want – strong characters, driving narrative, and edge-of-your-seat suspense. Unconventional and challenging, yet engaging and very human, it is a wonderful novel from a talented writer."
Freezing Point (2008)
Karen Dionne
"Karen Dionne is the new Michael Crichton."
What Time Devours (2009)
A J Hartley
"A fabulous thriller... it surprised and transported me."
Dark Side of the Morgue (2009)
(Spike Berenger Rock 'n' Roll Hit, book 2)
Raymond Benson
"A terrific page-turner by one of the best thriller writers in the business!"
Lords of Corruption (2009)
Kyle Mills
"...a penetrating and provocative thriller about murder and corruption in the heart of Africa."
Free Agent (2009)
(Paul Dark Trilogy , book 1)
Jeremy Duns
"An authentic espionage novel with accurate tradecraft and intelligence operatives who act with intelligence. If you like vintage John le Carre, you'll love Free Agent. Set in the Cold War, packed with history and tension, it's a must-read for any true spy novel fan."
You Can't Stop Me (2010)
(You Can't Stop Me, book 1)
Matthew V Clemens and Max Allan Collins
Murder in Thrall (2013)
(Doyle & Acton Mystery, book 1)
Anne Cleeland
"It's been a long time since I encountered two characters this charming and engaging. I look forward to more of their adventures."
Drift (2013)
(Carrick & Watkins, book 1)
Jon McGoran
"You'll think twice about the food you put into your mouth after you read Drift. This thriller isn't only compelling - it's about something hugely important."
Retribution (2014)
(Will Parker Thriller, book 2)
Anderson Harp
"I seldom come across a thriller as authentic and well-written as Retribution. Andy Harp brings his considerable military expertise to a global plot that’s exciting, timely, and believable . . . to say that I’m impressed is an understatement."
The Zodiac Deception (2014)
Gary Kriss
"If you're looking for a world war II adventure unlike anything you've read before, you're in for a treat."
The Thin Black Line (2015)
(Mike Walton Thriller, book 1)
Simon Gervais
"When Simon Gervais writes about the world of high-stakes global security, he knows what he's talking about. His world-class security expertise shines through in The Thin Black Line, a high-speed, break-neck, turbo-charged thriller that takes readers behind the scenes of the war on terrorism."
The Fury (2015)
Shane Gericke
"One of the most remarkable thrillers I've read in a long time...This one's a winner."
A Parliament of Owls (2016)
(Birdwatcher's Mysteries, book 6)
Chris Goff
"A wonderfully clever, charming, and addictive series."
Dark Angel (2017)
(Lassiter and Martinez, book 2)
Joseph Badal
"Relentless from start to finish. Badal, just gets better and better."
Into a Dark Frontier (2017)
John Mangan
"Its relentless opening chase sets the tone for Into a Dark Frontier, a winner for fans of techno-action novels. After eight deployments as a combat rescue pilot, its author knows what he's writing about and does so with speed and insider details."
Glimpse (2018)
Jonathan Maberry
"A woman suddenly discovers she is losing chunks of time and seeing things. Alarmed by specters glimpsed from the corner of her vision and the depths of her subconscious, she embarks on an unnerving search for answers, only to encounter a disturbing truth she could never have imagined. Eerie and evocative, GLIMPSE, by Stoker-award-winning Jonathan Maberry, is a nightmarish ride into the human psyche."
True Fiction (2018)
(Ian Ludlow, book 1)
Lee Goldberg
"I haven’t read anything this much fun since Donald E. Westlake's comic-caper novels. Immensely entertaining, clever, and timely."
Wicked River (2018)
Jenny Milchman
"From time to time, I come across an action manuscript that shares my high regard for the [action] genre and the intensity it can achieve. One such book is Jenny Milchman's Wicked River, which I urge you to experience. It thoroughly gripped me, not only because of the excitement it creates and the inventiveness with which it does so, but also because of the subtext about a honeymoon in which the various stages of a marriage are condensed in a wilderness that's both physical and psychological. Wicked River is a wild ride."
Bound for Gold (2018)
(Peter Fallon, book 6)
William Martin
"In the tradition of James Michener, this epic about the California gold rush (and a parallel modern one) is wonderfully engrossing and addictive. William Martin made me believe I was on the banks of those rugged mountain streams, panning for the dust that dreams are made of and lives are lost to. Ambitious, exciting, and vividly researched. A twenty-four karatread."
The Thief of All Light (2018)
(Santero and Rein, book 1)
Bernard Schaffer
"From its first three lines, The Thief of All Light announces itself as a stylish, attention-getting thriller. Its speed and intensity are matched by the most engaging pair of detectives I've seen in a long while."
Hearts of the Missing (2018)
(Nicky Matthews Mystery, book 1)
Carol Potenza
"New Mexico is a Spectacular setting for mysteries, and Carol Potenza puts its majestic landscape to unexpected and thrilling use."
Westside (2019)
(Westside , book 1)
W M Akers
"The Alienist meets The City & The City in this brilliant debut that mixes fantasy and mystery. Gilda Carr’s ‘tiny mysteries’ pack a giant punch."
City of Windows (2019)
(Dr. Lucas Page, book 1)
Robert Pobi
"A stunner. One of the most impressive, compelling thrillers I've read in a long while. The plot moves at bullet velocity. The writing has an electric surge. Robert Pobi delivers a fresh, exciting new voice to thriller fiction."
A Conspiracy of Bones (2020)
(Temperance Brennan, book 19)
Kathy Reichs
"It's a pleasure to see Temperance returning to what she does best, peeling back the layers and using her forensic brilliance to expose a shocking cover-up... A Conspiracy of Bones offers page-turning proof that Kathy Reichs won't be giving up her forensic-anthropologist-in-distress throne anytime soon."
Savage Son (2020)
(James Reece, book 3)
Jack Carr
"If you like a fresh approach to action with authentic details and a believable main character, these books are for you. I’m a fan."
Dead Girl Blues (2020)
Lawrence Block
"It’s been a long time since I read anything this hard-hitting and thought-provoking. DEAD GIRL BLUES is daringly original, both shocking and brilliantly told. At a time when many crime novels blend together, Grandmaster Lawrence Block again shows he’s a one-of-a-kind author."
Assassin's Lullaby (2022)
Mark Rubinstein
"Mark Rubinstein's Assassin's Lullaby is vividly intense. For this man who doesn't exist but who is all too real, every detail carries life-and-death significance. Every instant might be his last. The immediacy is palpable."

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