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Meg Mitchell Moore worked for several years as a journalist. Her work has been published in Yankee, Continental, Women's Health, Advertising Age and many other business and consumer magazines. She received a B.A. from Providence College and a master's degree in English Literature from New York University. The Arrivals is her first novel. Her second novel will be published by Reagan Arthur Books in 2012. Meg lives in northern Massachusetts with her husband, their three children and a beloved border collie.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance

Meg Mitchell Moore recommends
Mystic Summer (2016)
Hannah McKinnon
"Hannah McKinnon masterfully shows that you can go home again it's what you do when you get there that counts."
Every Wild Heart (2017)
Meg Donohue
"Every Wild Heart is Meg Donohue’s finest novel to date -- emotionally resonant, absorbing and funny in all the right places, it’s a portrait of mothers and daughters, missteps and triumphs, and love in all of its bewildering and delightful disguises."
In This Moment (2017)
Karma Brown
"Karma Brown has a knack for zeroing in on a heart-stopping flash when lives can change forever, and then for deftly examining the fissures in a family that can materialize out of the aftermath."
The Summer List (2018)
Amy Mason Doan
"There's not a word or plot line out of place in this fabulous debut about two girlhood friends from a small lakeside town who reunite as adults to try to salvage their broken relationship. Dive beneath the surface and you'll find a complex and finely wrought story as full of mystery and vitality as the lake itself. These characters and their stories are going to stick with you for a long, long time."
The Silent Treatment (2020)
Abbie Greaves
"The Silent Treatment is a gorgeous heart-breaker of a novel--an intimate, unpretentious, precisely drawn and surprisingly suspenseful look at a decades-long marriage: how it soars and plummets and, gem-like, alters its appearance under different lights. Abbie Greaves has a bright future and I can't wait to see what it brings."
Best Behavior (2020)
Wendy Francis
"What could go wrong when you put a blended family up against the perils of a college graduation weekend and mix in twin graduates, divorced parents, opinionated grandparents and a young stepmom out of her depths? Enough to populate a delightful, smartly paced read in which plenty goes right too. Francis writes with grace, depth and humor about complex family dynamics and the joy and heartache of watching young adults spread their wings and fly from the nest."
Perfect Happiness (2020)
Kristyn Kusek Lewis
"Kristyn Kusek Lewis nails this modern family story about a deeply unhappy happiness guru whose Instagram feed is at odds with her inner turmoil. I feel like I made an instant friend in the character of Charlotte McGanley and I cringed right alongside her with every failure, misstep and unnecessary glass of wine The pressures and situations in PERFECT HAPPINESS are thoroughly of this time and place, but the pleasures and satisfaction of watching a family stumble and try to right themselves remain timeless."
The Second Home (2020)
Christina Clancy
"Every Wellfleet sand dune, every breeze and beach and pond, came alive for me in this beautiful, heartbreaking debut about a Milwaukee family’s complicated history with their summer home. Christina Clancy’s characters are so real and flawed, so caught between the darkness and the light, that they step right off the page, and you won’t rest until you know what becomes of them."
Girls with Bright Futures (2021)
Tracy Dobmeier and Wendy Katzman
"The road to college admissions is paved with good intentions-and many bad ones too. GIRLS WITH BRIGHT FUTURES is an audacious, chilling, thrilling look at what happens at an elite private school when the two collide head-on, the casualties multiply, and secrets pop out like beach blankets on a quad."
Heard It in a Love Song (2021)
Tracey Garvis-Graves
"A warm, witty story with plenty of heart and characters that jump off the page, Heard It in a Love Song hits all the right notes."
Wish You Were Gone (2022)
Kieran Scott
"There are shades of Liane Moriarty in this tale of comfortable suburban lives thrown into upheaval by a mysterious death and the intertwining fates of those left behind. With twist after twist I didn’t see coming, Wish You Were Gone engaged me the whole way through and left me breathless at the end, the way the best domestic suspense fiction does."
The Wise Women (2022)
Gina Sorell
"Gina Sorell's The Wise Women is about the exorbitant price of city real estate, yes, but it's also about the high cost of family, love, personal and professional growth--and the rich rewards of all of the above. This tale of the three Wise women making their way in the world is so warm, witty, and, well, wise, that I found myself wanting to pick it back up immediately each time I set it down. I won't forget these ladies and the colorful cast of characters accompanying them on their journeys any time soon."

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